What's the best/weirdest dream you ever had?


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I had a really odd one last night, and of course, as with all dreams much of the detail is starting to fade.

I had driven one of my cars (One I got rid of in about 1992) to visit a customer. I'd parked it and forgot to buy a parking ticket.

Walking to the customer from the car, I passed a panel of people that looked a bit like da Vinci's "last supper" - a later boss (from around 2002) was sitting in there (but not as the Messiah).

I finished what ever I had to do, so walked back to where I had parked the car, and could not find it.

I asked (some sort of) office manager there if it had been towed away, and he confirmed that it had not been, but that he HAD towed away someone else's.

Now, here's the weird bit - I went back to look for my car. NOW this involved walking through some disused industrial wasteland. While I was walking, some sort of advanced flying thing took off (reminded me of the alien invaders craft in "Independence Day") from a field nearby.

It was now getting dark, but I was OK, I had a REALLY bright torch. The last thing I remember was climbing up some rocks between the pillars of a bridge.

Sometime around then, I woke up. I don't remember ever finding my car.....

Dream analysts anywhere?

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Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Dear Ray, yes I have used my own dreams for self-understanding (being a bit daft and prone to Widdendream), and yours does make sense to me.

This is a time of transition for you, in the sense of some new understanding coming up. The bridge is especially significant...takes a bit of climbing...but your light is bright.

And that wasteland has fallen into disuse.
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Too many to count. Once I staged a jailbreak with an octopus, once I solved a murder mystery with a duck, once I was a girl for some reason and went to a music concert with some trolls, once I was part of a team of super powered anti-heroes, once I saved a bunch of balloon people playing musical chairs from a chemical loaded super weapon, once I was a titan shifter, once I was waiting in line to buy pastries, once I was Janet Van Dyne and Captain America framed me for a crime, once I survived a terrorist attack, once I was having a Pokémon battle using a Primal Kyogre, once I was trapped in a giant sized baby stroller and baby toys started creepily singing to me, once the characters from The Loud House turned into popsicle mermaids, once I found a monster labyrinth entrance behind my bed, and once I lost my favorite manga

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