What are some of the weirdest dreams you have ever had? I had this dream tonight of a plush toy which started floating once enough light was added. Later I got to know that that was because of how he was CONDITIONED! no kidding...


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I drove a piano in a nascar race

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The typical "can't find my class" dream - been having it for years and years. Sometimes naked (altho no one noticed) and sometimes clothed. Usually can't find the class because I've lost my class schedule and can't recall either the class name, the class time, or the class location.  Which kinda fits as I am often clueless. 

About 15 years ago had the dream and in the dream I finally said to hell with it and went home and made a nice sandwich. Was easy to do, as I apparently lived on a street across from the school in a very nice house.

Ten years without the dream, and suddenly had it again. This time I went to the admin office and turned in a drop card for the class. Haven't had the dream since. Apparently I finally solved whatever it was that kept me dreaming about the class.

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