Why do people get so worked up about religion when in truth we could all be wrong?


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Because religion is the greatest con game ever devised and it's participants have much invested in this delusion, too much to just think things through logically.

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sm cl
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I'd never heard of A+, but from what I read it's "different" to say the least. And atheism is a belief. It's the belief that there is no evidence to prove the existence of (a) supreme being(s). My thing is that people try to hang lunacy on theists and always use their religiousness as the stem, but there are just as many atheists with issues.
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No, atheism is non belief in gods and there is no evidence ( not the belief that there is no evidence ) for gods. Ever.

Delusion is not lunacy?
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I see, I misunderstood the definition.

And lunacy is subjective. To the general populous the delusional are lunatics; but to the generally deluded, the populous are lunatics. In my personal experience, I can't help but wonder sometimes if the raving of the local lunatic are a sane man's plea for the salvation of others or a rantings of a madman. In that case, as I've heard atheists say, I'll know it's real when something happens.
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When people argue about religion it is basically like stomping on each others beliefs. Most people don't take kindly to others that persecute what's dear to them, take a child for instance.

And so we get a bunch theists and atheists that spend their time challenging each other, because it brings a rise out of people, and people are so bored today...

But then there are the extremists. Why people choose to live this way and teach this way of life is beyond my understanding. It's a shame that this exists in the world but shows just how strong a belief can be.

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I think that the people that argue heavily are not strong in their beliefs and doubt their thinking, whether they are theists or atheists. Just my thoughts.

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Darik Majoren
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"Hey, I didn't say it was my belief. I'm just stating that legally, your belief is a religion :p like it or not, lol " - No you misunderstood, I wasn't saying anything bad about you, just disagreeing with the Supreme Court's decision . . . like many do. I am sure there were a couple of theists on that were judges just loving that they get to call Atheism a "religion" when it is merely the absence of one.
John McCann
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@ Normal Nobody

" And non belief is still a belief. They "believe" god doesn't exist. "

Non belief in god is a subtle but real difference from not believing there is a god.

" There are some atheists who go so far as state that atheism itself is a religion. "

Really? Name such atheists.

The Supreme Court interprets the Constitution. If they had to put atheism under " religion " to interpret some Amendment or clause in the Constitution you can be sure it was for a strictly legal reason, not a reason impacted by reality.
Darik Majoren
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@John, the problem with many theists, is part of their religion is that you MUST believe in something, and that constitutes a religion (I am not referring to Normal). Unfortunately for them there is far more involved in having the "Absence of a believe in God" be considered "Legally" a religion, or we would all be opening meeting halls to get a tax break.
THERE is where you see the Supreme Court backpedal on such a judgment . . . There has to be set rules, ceremony, and/or rituals to be considered an organized religion. The Free Thinking Atheists do not fall under any of these categories, thus it is more a World View rather then a religious belief.
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Religion is something that is based in ones beliefs and they have those beliefs for many different reasons. For some it is something that goes down to their core. To tell someone that they are wrong for those beliefs is an insult, and people get worked up over being insulted.

Or some people have been taught a religion from day on of their life. Their whole family believes the religion and it goes back generations. To have someone come along and tell you your religion is a lie or a myth not only insults them, but their family and a good portion of their friends. You are implying that their parents, and their grandparents have been lying to them. You are saying their religious leader is a fraud. How can you expect them not to get upset?

I do not belong to any religion, yet i believe in God and I believe there are spirits that look out for us if we are willing to listen. I have my reasons and my experiences that I base this on. Do I get upset if someone doesn't believe what I believe? No. Do i get upset when after telling someone online that has never met me an experience I have had and they call me psychotic, having hallucinations, and in need of mental heath. Yes, a bit. Actually he said it a much ruder way and that is with what I an issue. Not choosing to believe me is one thing but to attack someone who doesn't have your views is just uncalled for. BTW, as those who do know me personally can attest, I am of sound mind. 

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Your mind allows you to say that. Not all the minds having such ability and strength to explore different aspects nor they allow themselves to take such step.

Most religious people can't even go near what you saying! Specially when it been written in their mind if you try to deny god you'll be a sinner.

We could all be wrong! ? WHAT ? You foolish blind unsaved lost human. What you talking about ? God is there, if you don't see it doesn't mean it could be wrong.

End of story.

Person number 1: My religion is the right one, go read Quran, the words of god himself.

Person number2: My religion is the right one, go read bible, the truth is there. Follow the light of god.

Person number3: . . .. .

Person Number 4:  ..  .

Me: MEH :/ how many truth is out there! ?

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A lot of us are wrong. We all think we have the answers & everyone else is wrong. So it just can't be that so many are right or wrong. We fight for for what we have been taught all our lives is right & that we are supposed to be soldiers to spread the word & keep the faith. We just want to be right about something that we believe to our core

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Matt Radiance
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And that Humanity's biggest mistake. "We need to do and live as we believe" but we shouldn't be weak for hearing other's believes as well. and we shouldn't battle for our own believe to say what we say is the only right! . . this is where all the mistakes starts . . . well said.
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That is an interesting question on a number of possible

On the one hand we all usually get worked up about the
things we believe that touch our lives on a daily basis---I suppose I might
react the same to a comment about my religious beliefs being wrong as I might
to someone who says my wife doesn’t really love me.  That reaction might be based on any one of a
number of reasons, some of which might be more “reasonable” depending on my
present and previous life experiences.

The second level involves the qualifier phrase you use: “when
in truth we could all be wrong.”

It is true that the human intellect cannot be put in
possession of its object by some exterior agent that takes it there.  There is for us no knowledge except our own
knowledge, no truth except self-acquired truth.

I disagree that “we could all be wrong”----atheism and theism
are mutually exclusive theories.

I also disagree with Dark Majinn’s comment in response to Aux
Arcs answer that “Your perspective of what truth "IS" baffles the
most reasonable of men, since it pertains mainly to YOU and how YOU perceive
the world. Whilst the lemmings in YOUR line will most likely agree with you,
the lot of us engaging in Free Thinking look on in bewilderment.”

I disagree with such assumptions and the conclusions drawn

Dark Majinn is apparently one of many people deny the
knowability of truth regarding morality and religion.

So I ask her then, "Why do you place those subjects in
a separate category? How do you justify the inconsistency of divorcing them
from truth, while keeping math, science and history in the realm of
truth?" Issues about God and spiritual matters either correspond to
reality or they don't, thus they are subject to inquiry like all other topics.
They can be investigated as can math or history.

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Darik Majoren
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A "shout out" (all be it negative) from the Good sir Tom?
I am left humbled that I should cause such a furrowed brow my friend. "Aye, therein lies the rub"
To be ponderous and fool hardy into believing one's truth is Everyone's truth regarding beliefs, is inaccurate at best and an outright lie at worst. So, as my father's brain tumor swelled to reveal a little man sitting on the safety sides of his hospital yelling his name . . I am perplexed that he would point to empty air and say "See, he keeps yelling my name . . . damn it make him stop." . . . when the doctor approaches I say, the tumor is causing delusions and he confirms, with a nod, my limited prognosis . .
While this lays at the top of a world view perceived with reduced cognitive resources list, it still serves as place holder of "Perceived Truth". Is the tiny man yelling my father's name any different then a "Supernatural" being that cannot be seen yet believed in? I reserve the right to "measure" claims of All encompassing truths based on my observation of the natural world and based on similar experiences . . . as do you.
Tom  Jackson
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Obviously you hold your assumptions, reasoning ability, and your conclusions in much higher regard than I do.

My brow holds not a wrinkle.

But my head doth slowly move from side to side as you begin to slowly fade into the downward distance.

Soon, I may fail to notice you at all.
Darik Majoren
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Thank goodness, I get self conscious when people stare in admiration. I jest because I love my brother Tom. A good ribbing and a hearty cup on the shoulder friend.
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I used to be agnostic but after going to aa na I can make anything my god, be it a doorknob or a cat or anything it's god as I do or do not understand him

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If an individual is speaking from their personal perspective and makes this known, there is no issue. Whether you are Tom Cruise channeling the soul energy from an alien race destroyed in a volcano, or some Pentecostal believer speaking gibberish as the Holy Spirit speaks in "Tongues" through them, once you cross that line of speaking for ALL mankind and including the rest of us in your delusion of an "All Encompassing" truth, you open yourselves for ridicule and being challenged.

In short, speak only for yourself and Free Thinkers are less likely to get all worked up.

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They sometime get worked up because the have never been taught the truth about God and his Son from the Bible John 17:17

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Taylor Brookes
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But there is no proof that he is real. There is also no proof that he is not, which is what I believe. My point is: maybe we're both wrong. How can you be so sure that your beliefs are right and everyone esle is wrong? Because really, with no proof either for or against a deity, we could all be wrong.
Darik Majoren
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This is a prime example of speaking an "All Encompassing Truth" for all mankind . . . it is, at best, erroneously presented.
Darik Majoren
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I can relate until you start revering the variable (word) as a living being.
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People get worked up about what they believe. In the case of religion (or anything else for that matter), individuals often become emblazoned with passion because they truly believe that the information they hold can help others. Because of this, I don't get upset when others are passionate about something that I don't agree with. I try to keep the mindset that they are trying to help me by telling me their beliefs...even if I didn't ask about them lol.

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Very good question.  The thing is .. "Religion" itself ... Is on shakey ground .. Not because of it's content or origin .. But because of man's influence and manipulation in the name of 'interpretation'.  So many have misunderstood God's Word and have often taken it out of context to justify behaviour.  Throughout the ages .. Since biblical times, man has manipulated God's word to suit his own use. 

In my experience I have encountered so many who stringently defend God's Word and can recite it word for word .. Because they have memorized it .. In hopes of creating an illusion of thier 'Godliness' .. When in fact, they themselves are guilty of sins they ridiucule and pass judgement routinely towards others for committing those same sins.  Something they really have no right to do.

However, and having said that, given our flaws as human beings .. And even our belief and exercise in what we perceive as God's Word may also be flawed .. Doesn't mean that truth doesn't exist. 

I can not justify the behaviour of those who are believers nor can i stop believing that all will be revealed to us some day .. For now I wait patiently with the thought .. " If they are wrong, then there is no consequence" .. Which leads me to another question ..  "What if they are right, or at least on the right track?"

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