How a non Muslim should study the Koran if he has no right to touch it?


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Who told you that you can't touch it? It would be ridiculous to say to a non-believer that he should believe in the Quran then tell them that can't touch it until they believe it. If you want to study it, however, it's all over the internet, in English (as well as other languages) and Arabic.

Quran in English and Arabic

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RIK RZ commented
i am simply stating what the Sunni Muslims say
You have to be Sunni to understand
Lola A.
Lola A. commented
I don't have to be anything to understand. I understand you now but it doesn't make you correct.
RIK RZ commented
Calm down
I'm just a kid
It was what I was taught
I don't want to argue
and you don't want to argue either
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I worked at the King Fahd Centre for the production of the Holy Qur'an in Medina. I was installing computer equipment.  I was given copies of the book by local workers, all of whom were Muslims, I still have them. There was no implication that I should not touch the presents I had been given, indeed one "giver" wished heartily that I would read and be converted.

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You can't touch it until you are a Muslim.

That is to prevent it from being changed.

Jesus's book and Moses's Book was changed into the horrid froms of the Bible and the Torah due to this ( No offense)

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You can look it up online.

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Unfortunately some Muslims believe that since non-Muslims are impure, therefore, they cannot touch the Qur'an, because the book itself says it: "No one can touch it except those who are pure." (56:79) They believe that the non-Muslims are impure because they claim the Qur'an says it: "Indeed the polytheists are impure." (9:28)

The fact of the matter is that the Qur'anic verses quoted above, if understood in the right context, do not carry the meanings many people understand from them. The first verse is clarifying that while the Qur'an was being revealed, the impure Satan-djinns could not come close to the Qur'an. Only pure angels could touch it. Those who were rejecting the Qur'anic message were claiming that instead of the angel of God, the book was revealed to the prophet, God forbid, by the Satan-djinns. The verse is responding to the false propaganda of thr disbelievers. It has got nothing to with the question of legality of touching the Qur'an by the physically pure or the impure humans.

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Read it online. I bet the writers of the Qur'an couldn't have predicted the internet.

Or touch it and read it and then bury it afterward.

P.S. I've touched a Qur'an before. There's one at the library and I've touched it, opened it, and read parts of it. 

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