What Is The Right Spell To Turn A Human Into A Mermaid If He/she Only Touches Water And Has A Type Of Special Power?


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Well I know a old potion/spell the is rumoured to work...
All you have to do is get the following ingredients and say them at exactly 12:00 am on a full moon. (good to have a luke-warm bath ready)
2 1/2 Cup salt
3 cup water
A lock of your hair and the one person you want to turn with you. (at least 3cm long and dipped in salty water 24 hours before)
3 sea shells (of your choice)
a fish scale (of your choice)
Then drink the ingredients at 12:00am
while saying:

" A Mermaid to be,
mermaid shall we,
I would like a *? Fish tail for me.
Gods of the sea please treasure apon me
, a water peck on thy cheek,
will transform thus into a fairytale dream "

Then the next day you touch water you will be a mermaid/ merman, in around 10-20 seconds.
Side affects may accur: Itching, tiredness, pains and any kinds of drawness to the sea or water.
(Please remmber to be careful on full moons)   Good luck!
P.S. Please make sure you are not illergic to any of the above before you continue this experiment.

*Whatever colour you want your tail to be.

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