How is love defined in the bible?


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There are several references to "Love" in the Bible.

Eros, Agape, Philia, Storge . . . . All are there told within the stories.

Is there a particular one you wanted to focus on?

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All of them.
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I replied about all of them, but Blurt removed the answer. So it is what you make of it . . . The Bible has all but Agape.
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I will add, that the Bible has both good and bad references to these four types of love. People seem to only want to hear the good and disregard the bad. If the book be one of Truth, then Truth should be readily embrace for the raw data within.
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This quote from the internet may help you.

Powerful emotions may accompany love, but it is the commitment of the will that holds true biblical love steadfast and unchanging. Emotions may change, but a commitment to love in a biblical manner endures and is the hallmark of a disciple of Christ.

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This is how love is defined in the bible at 1Corinthians 13:4-6 " Love is patient and kind, " then it goes on to explain what love is not, " Love is not Jealous. It does not brag. Does not get puffed up,does not behave indecently,does not look for its own interest, does not become provoked.  It does not keep account of the injury. It does not rejoice over unrighteousness,but rejoices with the truth .

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