Why has the bible been translated in so many languages?


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Tom Jackson answered

Makes it easier when everyone in the world can have something they can have an opinion on.

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Follow the money.

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God is not partial. All are given a chance to know their creator and to benefit from his loving guidance and protection.

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Charles Davis answered

At one time in history there was only one accepted translation of the bible (Latin). Christianity is a proselytizing religion (they continuously feel the need to make converts). Back when there was only one translation, they advanced the acceptance of the christian faith using the sword and force conversion. It really didn't matter because very few people could read anyway, and of course the church propagated illiteracy, because it gave them more control over the masses, and could tell you what ever they wanted as to what the bible said. Today they have difficulty converting people by force or warfare, so they've turned to a more peaceful agenda, In this fashion they need to show the prospective converts what their bible states and it is best to show them in the tongue of the convert.

The problem with this is that in translation, the translator often has to use his/her opinion as to what word in the new language matches what they think the scripture means. They never require the convert to learn any of the original languages, so often the meaning can be changed or even lost. Genesis 1:1,2 are a prime example. This is the reason that there are so many English translations, because everyone has their own agenda and beliefs, to influence in the translation of the bible.

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Because very few people can read Ancient Hebrew.

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It is God's will that all sorts of people are saved by having an accurate knowledge of the truth.2Timothy 2:3,4. In order for that to be accomplished the bible had to be translated into many languages so that his message of everlasting life can touch their hearts. When it does    then they will be moved to do God's will. 1 John 5:3. There is no other book on earth that can accomplish what the bible does.

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So it would be easier for people to understand what to follow. I know that some of them decide to learn ancient Hebrew to read the Bible in the original language, but it's way too hard. As a person who learns Chinese with a tutor on , I can tell you that Hebrew is hard, and since there's no use for this language nowadays, it's pretty meaningless.

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