Is your religion better than other religions?


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One's religion or lack thereof should be what works for that person on an personal level. So what is best for one person, may not be best for someone else. For me personally, I belong to no particular religion, but I do believe in God.

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I am an atheist, but I do not believe that religions are subjective to the person, and how they grew up.  If I grew up in 18th century North America, I would probably believe in Christianity.  If I grew up in Ancient Egypt, I would believe in the Egyptian gods.  If I grew up as a Jew in Nazi Germany, I would believe that Judaism is better than any other religion, as everyone else was practically running around killing Jews.  No belief system is better or worse than the others, they're just different.

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HA!! Lucky for me that I don't have a religion. I'll watch the rest of you fight, die, bomb things in your religions name.

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Clearly to some extent I consider my beliefs superior to others, that's why I have them. I examined other beliefs and decided against them because I decided that what I believe now is the "best" thing to believe (for me). So there is sort of an implication here. I don't believe in telling anyone else that they're wrong about such things, however. It's a personal choice and if others' beliefs don't affect me, then I will leave them alone.

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I do not find the belief of any form of Deity to be better than the next one. If a person or persons get this opinion, it gives them a sense of superiority, and often causes what we see going on in the middle east today. It's this same attitude that many evangelical Christians use to feel they are the only right religion as they have the correct God and all others have the wrong God.

I personally am happy in my atheism,. Is the best way? It is for me. Which is not what Pat Robertson says. He says atheists are a miserable group and unhappy, we just refuse to believe in God because we just want to sin. Well he's wrong.

Psychology today- study on religosity

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This question brings up an interesting point:

Religion should be about God, not about which one is better than all the others.

Find Him however you can.

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There is a religion to fit any person. If there isn't, give it time or make one up yourself. I can remember sitting in a Friendly's restaurant in NH and watching this guy with his laptop pitch an idea for a church. This was the "Next Level Church" . . It has grown quite a bit since then, but it remains a "tailor made" religious movement.

So, like Tyto said, yours SHOULD be the best religion for you . . If its not, simply move to one that is.

The rest of us whom don't have one simply enjoy the show.

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I did not read any of the other answers on here ...side note :  ( I usually read all answers before mine but I have no patience for that at the moment because my mind is scattered tonight ) anyway ... I forget the question.. One sec .. Oh !! I was never raised with any  religion so I'm ignorant on the subject and I like that about me. I don't usually like being ignorant or uneducated on any topic but in this case I'm fine with it .  So yes no religion is the best religion( for me ) and  in my opinion .. I give myself 5 points then. 

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Why not the God answer that question, the bible says at John 4:23, 24",,,,,God must be worshiped in spirit and truth". There can be only one truth, Jesus is God or the son of God. Hell is a place of torment or the common grave, soul is immortal or it dies, all good people go to heaven or the earth will inherit the meek. The list goes on. Adam & Eve had one religion. After the flood Noah and his family had one religion. After Jesus death there was one religion. It takes turning to God in sincerity, humility, and honesty to find the way to worship God. This is God's purpose that people be separated by their actions to determine those that will ultimately populate the earth using their free will properly to complete God's purpose for the earth. Rev 21:3,4, Ps 37: 10,11, 29,

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Darik Majoren
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So let me get this straight. The book that you use for your religion supports your religions claim to be the best . . . I should hope so otherwise it would be a doomed religion to be in support of another different religion . . . I will file this under "It goes without saying."
Tom  Jackson
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@Ty Hibb

I agree. If you want an answer to a question, why not ask the person who gave us the question to ask?

Obviously, people who ask the wrong person seldom seem to stumble on the truth by themselves---not surprising for us limited creatures.

The fact that this book was written by the God who is the subject of any accurate religion makes it an independent source for those of us who aren't bothered by the fact that God exists.

Which, of course, also "goes without saying."
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So by your rational the "Book of Mormon" should be sought out for support religious claims for Mormons, the Qur'an for Islam, the Dao de jing, also Chuang Tzu for Taoism, and the Tripiáš­aka and the Dhammapada for Buddhism . . .
Thomas you sailed passed "It goes without saying" and right into your normal trek of "It goes without thinking" . . .
Your claim to "Truth" is as valid as your reasoning can make it . . .

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