If Islam is the religion of peace, why did Apostle Mohammed wage war against other religions?


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Islam is not a "religion of peace". That's just a vapid defense that people say to absolve Muslims of association with any violence. 

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IMO Islam is a religion based on PURE HATE and VIOLENCE against women and anyone not following its teachings.

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Women are actually the most respected in Islam, it's more of cultural problems that have women being treated badly. Way before Islam came to them. It makes me so mad when it's so obviously written in the Qur'an. I'm sure every Muslim child should have heard the story about the Believer coming to the prophet asking the place of the parents. The prophet said the Mother THREE times because a mother or woman is 3x more important than the male. Woman are to be treasured and treated fairly. That's what Islam came to do, to try and fix things that people were doing back then, but still now they don't want to pay attention and follow this.
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I don't like to call anyone a Liar. But in your case you're a LIAR. Open your eyes and admit the brutal brutal truth, about Islam/Muslim their brutal, horrific😫 and outrageous treatment of their women, burning, hanging, throwing acid in their faces, 😭wearing all black including covering, having 2 holes only eyes and the hole are little, being owned and order around by the man, and your minor son. Can't drive, can't leave the house without a male relative, locking a woman in a padded dark windowless room until she dies 20-30 or 50 years. 1 day is too much 😖.There's more Google Islam. I have no more to comment on this foolishness with you😫😫
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Just I've. Puke
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Are any religions truly peaceful? Not that I've ever heard of - Christianity especially.

I have heard that paganism is about peace and nature, but even they must have some extreme pagans who are not peaceful.

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The only organized religion I've encountered that truly practices the peace that it preaches is Jainism. Check it out for yourself. 

Islam seems to prove every day it is utterly incapable of peace, even amongst its own followers. Try speaking out against it or it's holy book in public, you may well find yourself the target of death followers of the alleged religion of peace.

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Call me Z
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Tell yourself whatever makes you happy, Ice. It'll find no quarter here.
I have debunked your initial assertions so you presume to make even more assertions, but since I've already granted you and your odious mythology way more oxygen of respectability than you or it deserve, no more will be provided. Be well with what you have.
Darik Majoren
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"Yes, of course, we both have no hard evidence to back up our respective positions ["there is God" and "there is no God"]" - This is incorrect JI . . . Atheism merely rejects theist's claim of their particular God/Gods existence . . .
We do not state there is no God . . . the mass culmination of the MANY claims of Gods\Goddesses\God cancel each other out to the base line of No God/Gods.
The ONUS is on the theists and THEIR particular God Claim . . . empirical demonstrable evidence is ALWAYS welcome in proof of their particular claim.
Darik Majoren
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JI, you do realize that SHOULD your particular God claim be true, and it meets the evidential requirements needed to prove this, then any real Atheist whom have had their "Burden of Proof" met would believe in your particular version of the God concept . . .
However; since this I clearly not the case regarding YOUR claim at this time, we easily wave it off to join the multitude of other assertions regarding the existence of God/Gods . . .

On a brighter note, should you be able to prove your claim, there is some serious money set aside by various foundations that can make you either very wealthy, or a large contributor to whatever missionary movement you might want to support.
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Basically they were forced to.

The first war they could not do anything until Allah gave them permission to fight.

It was self defense.

The only time it was not self defense was when they took control of Mecca ( And there was special resons for that too.)

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Islam is the most violent religion ive ever heard of. I think their book that they live by talks about cutting the heads off of infidels.

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Most religions have waged war against each other, it says to do so in most holy scriptures.

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