Are you jealous of other's wealth or good fortune or their life? I'm not.


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I wish i had a few more bux every month but people like the kennedys and all their  money has had nothing but problems

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Like the others, I'm happy with what I have ! Made enough money from selling my shop that I'm set the rest of my life. I'm happy just like things are !

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Alot of the wealthy people I know have other issues that I wouldn't want to deal with. Most people only see the wealth, but not what the people have to go through to earn that wealth. I'm quite content where I am.

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Why? People have more because they worked harder. That is all. If I wanted to be on their level I'd work just as hard as them and not waste time on Blurtit =). Hell even all my friends who were trust fund babies had to learn how to work hard sooner or later. Their parents worked their ass off, so these kids have to work even harder to preserve what they have. 

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Jann Nikka
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Hell, (your word) Calm down its just a question and being on Blurtit is never a waste of time. Maybe your ass (your word) should be off working. No reason to be using profanity in your answer.
Darik Majoren
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"Ass" and Hell" are far from profanity.
Even the acronym of WTF is more of a swear than those . . .
Besides, how in the world would you tell the parable of the Sinner who rode his Ass to Hell?
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Yes and no.

Would I like to be debt free? Yes.

Would I like to have the freedom to pursue what I would LIKE to do versus what I have to do to generate the funds needed for my family? Yes.

What I get to see, is the outward happiness I see on these people, and from this outer layer, they seem happy . . . I am sure there are many who are not, and I prefer my happy life to theirs . . . So , I am . . . A little jealous.

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