Does atheism require faith in someone or something? If so how is that different than believing in there being a creator?


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In the same way that "cold" is the absence of heat. Atheism is the absence of belief in a deity.

Believe in whatever gives you comfort, or nothing at all.

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Ray Dart
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In real life, with the right haircut and a stubbly beard I look like (an older version of) Gregory House, as played by Hugh Laurie. A few years ago (like 15-20) I was even occasionally mistaken for Hugh Laurie. He, of course is an Oxford Blue, attended Eton and Oxford, has an MA in social anthropology, is an accomplished musician, writer, comedian and actor. Somehow, I am none of those things. :)
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Isn't Hugh Laurie also tall? . . . Are you sure you're not House?
Great picture of your car caught on "Film" by the Google car.
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"MA in social anthropology"

Trust me, you would not want to be that thing. Fortunately for Laurie he has other talents ( as you mentioned ) or no one ever would have heard of Hugh Laurie the social anthropologist.
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Depends on your definition of faith. Here's a thought from the NY Times:

Faith is still believing after a century of futility that the Cubs will win the World Series.

Seriously? Read Ray's answer again

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Ray Dart said it well: Atheism is the absence of belief in a deity.

I like his comparison even more: In the same way that "cold" is the absence of heat.

Why?:  Because whether you are too cold or too hot, you have to deal with either situation as life goes on.

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No Atheism does not require "faith", When scientist shows you that stars exist, and the wind blows, does it require "faith"? Atheism requires evidence, not faith.

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Dear Anon,

What a fascinating, thought-provoking Q, thank you!

I will buck the tide here a bit and say YES, atheism does require faith in someone/something...because I think atheism requires faith in your own self...sometimes against evidence to the contrary...

And the difference is that now you have the self-confidence to discern for yourself which path is right for you. Whereupon, you are literally "shown around" to the various teachers/experiences that most help you along, atheist, religious, or whatever.

Example: Sam Harris (avowed atheist) in his book WAKING UP, describes an experience of what can only be called The Peace That Passeth All Understanding when he visited the site of the Sermon On The Mount beside the Sea of Galilee...

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To follow in the foot steps of Ray Dart:

In the same way that "Bald is a hair color".

In the same way that "Abstinence is a Sex position".

Literal etymology of the meaning of the word is "A" = "Without/No" "Theist" (from Theos) = "God".

Literally "No God" or "Without belief in God".

Most Atheists consider their particular view of the world one that is "Evidence Based".  Most Atheist believe it is the default position to which we are born having not been indoctrinated in any particular religion.

The Claim of there being a "Creator" is one that is met with skepticism. This is the way all Supernatural Claims or Paranormal Claims should be addressed. Any man made "Holy" texts are merely the "Claim" and not evidence of existence in any way.

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Yes,being an  atheis does require faith, because they have to except what they have never seen happen.

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If you are talking about abiogenesis or the "Big Bang" . . . both are hypothesis based at this time and have not even remotely come close to "Scientific Theory". The stance we take on these specific question of the origin of the Universe and the Origin of Life is "We don't Know." . . . There is no Faith required for "We Don't Know" that I have ever seen.
Atheist are okay with not knowing . . . it ensures the continuation of "asking the questions and using science to TRY and seek out a provable answer".

If you are talking about Evolution, it is well recorded, well documented, and the Genetic code ALONE is more then enough overwhelming evidence. It is what we base MANY of the new medications you most likely use or will use in the future . . .
Cookie Hill
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I thank God for our DNA
Darik Majoren
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"I thank God for our DNA" - Which DOES require Faith . .

whereas a position of "We do not know." . . . requires nothing more then pursuit of the question.

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