Why is religion filled with so much hypocrisy?


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Because it was invented to appease hypocrites.

The world is full of men and their biases, therefore hypocrites abound; why should man's religions be any different...

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Simply put, I have learned from observing those who profess certain religions . . . That they do not fully understand what it is they actually profess to follow. They are simply raised to learn a couple of "Main Stream" ideas regarding their religion from their parents, and then do not bother to explore what that religion actually entails.

"Religion's biggest folly is the revelation of itself to it's followers" - DarkMajinn

This question goes well with Do you know people who think they know the bible, but actually know nothing at all?

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Dear Ty Hibb,

Religion is intended to support each person's unique journey of mystery and self-discovery.

When religion loses that focus of supporting us and begins to control and dictate to us, that is when it becomes hypocritical.

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I have really only been exposed to Christianity. For what can say about that, it isn't so much the religion that is filled with hypocrisy, as it is the followers that only pick and choose what to follow.

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I’m not really in the mood to “go there” today, but I did
search on the internet  for an answer to
this question.

The following amused me---perhaps it will also please

..Read on, as we offer four key responses to the line… “Hey,
I would never be a Christian. I mean, look at all the hypocrites in the

  1) “Well,
we'd be glad to move over—there's always room for one more. And furthermore, if
you ever find the perfect church, please don't join it. You'd spoil it.”

  2) “You're
right. There is far too much hypocrisy in the Church. And there always has
been. But it's certainly not being condoned.”

  3) “Since
when do you allow hypocrisy to determine your affiliation and participation?”

  4) “You're
right—the Church is not perfect. But Christ is. Fasten your eyes on Him.”

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Tom  Jackson
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Well, unlike you, John, I choose to make a contribution to the discussion.
John McCann
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@Tom Jackson

Yes, always making contributions to unimportant discussions with delusional commentary.

"4) “You're
right—the Church is not perfect. But Christ is. Fasten your eyes on Him.”

Assuming this person ever lived, a 2,000-year-old itinerant preacher has little to look to today. Have you read some of that ancient nonsense, some ridiculous and some just lifted from previous thinkers?

By the way, that link could be construed as spam.
Virginia Lou
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Beautiful link, Tom Jackson...I find all your references to be well-informed and helpful.

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