What steps need to be taken to become a Christian? So many people say that they are a Christian or are accused of being one, which raises the question.


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Follow your destiny and dreams, you're the master of your fate. Smile each day.

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Different Christians will give you different answers to this. The larger portion of Christians become so in a baptismal ceremony as a child, though involuntarily.

In later years and in different denominations the criteria range from taking some classes, sacraments, publicly renouncing this or that, meetings and approval with clergy (Mormons), church attendance, to quiet personal observances and reading -my personal favorite. 

All will say you need to palpably accept the version of God they espouse. 

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Dear Ty Hibb,

If someone is truly a Christian, they will not be talking about it...they will be living their faith. And that is in the New Testament, also... Verses like by their fruit ye shall know them.

And the steps to becoming a Christian are straightforward - just live according to the best within yourself, as Yeshua ben Joseph did.

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What about the instructions Jesus gave about becoming a Christian at Matt 28:19. There it shows that there is something to be learned before anything else. That is why there is so much confusion about being a Christian. Jesus' instructions are taken away and replaced with "do what you think is right." People are subsequently making up their own way of being a Christian.
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28:16 tells you the 11 people to whom He said that.
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I guess your answer would be here:


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"What steps need to be taken to become a Christian?" - So first off, you MUST understand that some steps will be taken for you without your "Say So".  Indoctrination of a belief begins in the very young by their parents or guardians. This goes for any Belief but especially one's not grounded in natural reality.

Now, if there is no religion yet a dependency created for objective influences this can also set someone up for a belief system. Usually has to do with Genetics, Environment and Experiences one has in their lives.

With these in place, Faith can become a very "real" thing to an individual. Believing with no proof in a thing, and can blur the very real difference between the concept of Belief versus the concept of actual Knowledge. 

"The acceptance of Faith as real determination in HOW one lives their life is the catalyst to belief in ANY Supernatural Claim . . ." - Darkmajinn

In this, the question can be addressed to any belief based in a Supernatural claim.

"What steps need to be taken to become a < Enter Religion/Belief Here >?"

The claim that one is a Christian, or the accusation that one is a Christian, doesn't necessarily raise the question.

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"As a member of the scientific community, I of course appreciate the truth and the evidence to support it as much as any other scientist. But, truth does not exist solely with and through scientists. Nor is evidence available for every truth that exists." -
Correct, but to infer a Supernatural manifestation versus the pursuit of Natural means is just adhering to primitive reasoning and superstition. We would still be trying to pray over and cast out demons for that which is virus or germ driven illnesses if this were still the case.

"I fear you have no additional insight to give me on these matters." -
I don't seek to provide anyone with any "insight" . . . especially those who are so vision impaired when it comes to these things . . .I answered the question from my point of view and you rebutted . . . to which I defended my point of view yet again . . . you unable to shake me from a logical and reasonable standpoint is far from me providing you with ANY kind of "Life Lesson" . . . It is merely a me reiterating my reasoning for MY point of view.
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Well, I am glad that you say you "don't seek to provide anyone with any insight"---you are saving yourself an untold amount of disappointment.

I don't rebut you arguments---I simply point out the truth of what is. Take all the shots you want at the truth. God is its author and he can handle your anger.

And EVERYBODY considers themselves logical and reasonable.

And yet.....such people are amazingly difficult to find.
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"Well, I am glad that you say you "don't seek to provide anyone with any insight"---you are saving yourself an untold amount of disappointment." - . . . and yet many whom read seem to gain "something" from my posts. I'd say this was a far cry from being "disappointed" . . .

"I don't rebut you arguments---I simply point out the truth of what is. " - . . said the illogical and unreasonable man.

Out of all the different aspects of your posts I answered, the only one you are capable of addressing is "Insight" . . . I find your faith lacking.
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Some people find it easier than others, often depending on their background. Bradley Walsh said that his father was a Methodist and his mother was a spiritualist so he was methylated spirits.

So how do you become a Christian? Easy peasy. Read the Book, accept the principles, live the life.

Sounds easy but if that were so there'd be only one Christian faith instead of more than 40,000 jarring sects, all of whom believe their own interpretation to be the correct one.

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Last night after one of your posts I got THE RUBAIYAT lined up on Amazon.com...as soon as my order is large enough, i will have the book again!
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Nice one. :)
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It's all a personal jouney. Something you will have to do on your own.

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Shouldn't the journey include the instructions of it's leader, Jesus. That is why there is so much confusion on the matter because everyone is on their own journey. What Jesus said about being taught and becoming a disciple is overlooked in favor of "doing what feels right to you"
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"Doing what feels right to you" is nothing more than situation ethics.

Conscience is the last judgment of the practical intellect before you act.

Proper formation of conscience is a must.

And you are not going to learn how to be a Christian by asking a question on here---any more than you will learn how to be a doctor by asking an equivalent question.

And, yes, I expect you know that.
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1. Be prepared to have beliefs not supported by any evidence, nor having good reasons for such beliefs.

2. Be prepared to part with a significant amount of money. For some reason the "creator of the universe" always needs more money.

3. Be prepared to deal with hypocrites on a daily basis. Christianity, like any other religion, is based on money and power.

4. Be prepared to deal with perverts. All Abrahamic religions have many types of these people.

5. Be prepared to live in a world of delusion and say goodbye to reality.

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@John McCann

Absolutely, John, they are all real---except for #'s 1, 3, 4, and 5.

And #2 is just something else you don't understand.

I must admit, however, this is about as high as I've every scored you.
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@Tom Jackson

They are all real and it is you that is delusional.

I suggest that you forgo number two and save that money for a good mental health professional. Goodbye.
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@John McCann

John, you constantly say "goodbye" and then seem to change your mind.

It would serve you well if you were as confused about atheism.
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Follow Jesus Christ as your Lord And Savior.

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How is that done? Doesn't the instructions from Christanity's founder count for something. At Matt 28:19,20 he says that you must be taught before anything else.
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Drop by any Catholic Church and become a catechumen. After about a year you'll be able to articulate your own answer.
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In every aspect of Christian living, Jesus was the perfect example. He never allowed the hardships and trialsome circumstances to cause him to despair, to become sidetracked, or to waver in his faith. As his disciples, we must follow his sterling example closely.(Matthew 16:24; 28:19,20)

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You are the god you seek.

god is a particle not a person.

Just look at all of that money spent on

looking for god. How much do you think it costs

for the utilities in one of those huge churches.

You pay for that while someone stands up there

and reads to you. God is not in a book or a building.

The human heart is the only place where god recides.

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When God calls you, listen to what He says and then follow His instructions.

He'll tailor His invitation uniquely to you.

He always winds up working with individuals.

Avoid debates about the existence of God---God's existence is not contingent upon who presents the best sounding argument for or against Him.

Make up your own mind---you'll find plenty of evidence beyond the limitations of scientific inquiry.

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Dear Tom, thanks and no problem...I was glad to be able to locate your fine post again, to come back and collect it for my permanent Ask file.
John McCann
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@Tom Jackson

"If you are so sure that God does not exist"

You are incredibly thick, aren't you? As a scientist I am sure of little, but I have no belief in gods because there is no evidence for them and no good reason to believe in them. The subtle but real difference goes right over your head.

"So why does my conviction that God exists and does so much to enrich my life seem to bother you so much?"

Another misapprehension on your part. I don't care what you believe. Still, you come on here pontificating ceaselessly, leaving internet sites for the weak minded to see and, generally, just being the biggest liar on this site. ( remember the false accusation you made against me? )

Regardless, I am still waiting for one bit of evidence that would support a reason to believe in your magic man. That is the worst of your scam, endless verbosity spewed constantly with no reasonable support.

Evidence, or bye.
Tom  Jackson
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You denied my accusation---that's a far cry from proving it was wrong.

And by your rules, you need to prove that I am a liar.

And you also say, "Another misapprehension on your part. I don't care what you believe."

Really?---you always say "Bye" at the end of your posts, but you always come back. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"
(Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 2)

(Sigh) Well, until what will undoubtedly be another comment from you.....

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