i dreamed about having s*x with my dad(and it's disgusting),and I ACTUALLY FELT IT.What does it mean?


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First of all I want to thank you for not posting anonymously. We appreciate questions that way. Second of all it was probably more traumatic for you to recall the dream then for it to actually mean something. Try not to worry to much and don't read into it. Some of the dreams I have had would make one think I need to be in a mental ward! If it keeps happening or if it ends up giving you anxiety or insomnia then definitely seek some doctor help. In the mean time, a lot of times just you "asking" this or "acknowledging" that you had a dream will release you from some of the embarrassment or shame you feel.

This is just my opinion. I have no schooling or background in dreams or psychology. 🙂

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I fancy that one of the things the subconscious does in dreams is to clean out bits and pieces of thoughts and concepts that we are "finished with."

When all that stuff is dumped into the "recycle bin" of our mind, it re-associates simply due to its proximity to other trash.

And that's when our "dreams escalate to a level of the impossible - and never likely to happen in real life."

The quote is from the link that Shady Stellar gave you in her answer.

And then, in the light of day, we can realize our bodies did react to the reality of the situation in the dream as it should have, but that it is one of those things that will never happen.

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