I Keep Dreaming About My Deceased Father? What Does It All Mean?


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tracy deines answered
More than likely that you miss him very much. Sorry for your loss. Best wishes.
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I have a deceased father 2.I dreamt  of him 2.I think it means that you miss him so much that you think that he never died.I understand your pain.and I'm so sorry.I was only 9 and it was 3 days after my birth day.bye
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Elisha Risinger answered
It probably means that your mind doesn't believe that hes dead therefore trying to convince you hes still alive. I'm trying to make your brain sound like its alive but sometimes you your self knows it but your brain may take awhile to process it. Hope I helped.
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My father passed away and I always drem about him and have conversations with him! One was really weird, basically, he wasnt dead, he was in prison and the prisoners let him come out for one day, so he cooked dinner cleaned the house and hugged me allllll day!!, then the guard come n took him away!! I was screaming don't leave please and the hurt I felt wen he passed come again!, I beleive he comes back into my dreams to give me a message! The message in that dream I beleive was..I maybe gone but I'm still looking after you, making sure your healthy, and still hugging you and comforting you even though yu can't see or hear me, try work out wt hes saying...hope this helps!!

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