What Does It Mean If I Dream About My House Flooding?


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A dream about your house flooding could be a sign that you're feeling overwhelmed.

If a house features heavily in your dream, it's supposed to represent your mind, with different rooms symbolizing different parts of your conscious (for example, the basement is supposed to be your subconscious).

Floods are associated with feelings of emotional vulnerability, so if the house in your dream gets flooded, you could interpret this as a sign that you're feeling overwhelmed - perhaps even tearful.

Floods are often responsible for drowning, so maybe you feel like your emotions are submerging you and making it hard to breathe.

The flood could represent financial worries, relationship anxieties, or the release of repressed emotions. Were all the rooms in the house flooded, or only some? What was in the house? If you can remember, this might give you a clue as to what it is that's overwhelming you.

Consider what's been going on in your life recently - is anything stressing you out? If so, this could explain your dream.
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This isn't really a dream with any significance to your house, other than you might feel that you are being flooded with the bills or something like that, dealing with the house, or something in your life. Hope this helps you out. Good luck.
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Buy galoshes and tie a rubber ducky to your finger, so that if it does flood, you can follow the ducky to the surface.

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