I Have Been Dreaming About My Dead Husband Most Nights. What Does It Mean?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
It’s perfectly natural to dream of the dead, and it just means that we love and miss them. Quite often, we use our dreams to process things that are difficult for us to deal with when we’re awake.

If dreaming about your late husband is causing you additional grief, then you might want to get some bereavement counselling to help you come to terms with him dying.

It’s not likely that you’ll ever stop dreaming of him entirely, because he’ll always be in your heart and thoughts, but counselling might help relieve some of the symptoms of your grief.

Of course, you won’t want to stop thinking about him altogether, but if the dreams are painful and causing you to have sleepless nights, they won’t be helping your recovery.

One alternative to bereavement counselling is to see a doctor about being prescribed sleep medicine. This might help you to obtain a deep and dreamless sleep, but be warned – some medicines might actually make your dreams more vivid.

Hope this helps, and sorry for your loss.
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Manuela Fulcher answered
It means that you are processing his loss through your dreams and it also means that he is still with you to look out for you.
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You miss him, or your mind is just not used to not having him around so it recreates him through your dreams.
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Ingrid Michelle answered

He is reaching out to you which means he misses you

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