I have depression. Will that, including my fear of sleep paralysis, increase my chances of falling into sleep paralysis in the future?


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I don't think so, but I am not a mental health professional. And that is who you need to be talking with about this.

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Yan Brown
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I've been reading some stories on sleep paralysis recently and found them to be quite horrifying. I think I may have moderate depression, but haven't got a doctor to diagnose me yet,as I am fearful of my parents' reaction. Anyway, because I am under a lot of stress recently (applying for uni, trying to get back my social life, getting work in on deadlines) partnered with my increasing fear of the illness, I've just felt like sleep paralysis is an eventuality haha. Thanks for answering btw, good to know people read my thoughts, I will look into arranging appointments. :)

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