Does being a Christians come with responsibility?


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Most likely yes .......I've never read the bible though so I can have ice cream and wine for dinner whenever I want. I'm not into acting responsibly :)

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I find that many people think just like you and I appreciate your honesty, but maybe you might want to reconsider reading the bible. I read 2 Thessalonians 1:8 "in a flaming fire, as he brings vengeance on those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news about our Lord Jesus."

So right now God gives us a chance to get to know him thru the pages of the bible so we can't use the excuse we didn't know when he brings vengence.
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Dear Audrey,
The word Christian itself is a verb, an active title so to speak, because what does the word Christian even mean? To be a follower of Christ. So, to follow Christ means there are things that we have to do, responsibilities to uphold. Now Jesus was a perfect man so we cannot perfectly walk in his shoes but we can do our utmost to do the best we can. Being a Christian does not mean once saved always saved as many may feel. To truly be a follower of Jesus, we have to understand Jesus’ live course. When we read God’s Word the Bible, we find that even Jesus had a responsibility to fulfill and that was to do the will of His Father. So being a Christian is work, a delightful work but work nevertheless. Being a Christian is not a passive title that we identify ourselves with because we have been baptized, but knowing in your heart that you are actively following the example that Jesus set as a pattern for us. Audrey, I hope that this helps answer the question that you had. If you would like further answer go to and you can find the answers to many questions that you may have.
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Depends on your point of view.

If we divide the world into two groups of people, Christians and non-Christians, each group would contain all the personality types of the other.

It would be nice to think that all Christians were decent, caring people but a number of serial killers have adopted Christianity while in jail -- among them are David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) and Jeffery Dahmer. These are not people you'd want to invite home for evening prayers. On the other hand, there are myriads of decent, caring folk who are not Christians.

Christians, like other people, have all manner of personality defects, the worst of which may be thinking they are better than the rest.

Perhaps Christianity should  come with a responsibility to live a moral, even a pious life. That sometimes happens. Sometimes it does not.


By the way, there really are only two groups of people in the world: Those who divide the world into two groups, and the rest. >:-)

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Call me Z
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Dont look now, Ty, but your proselytizing has been yanked. As well it should. You NEVER answered the question at hand. You rarely ever do. I merely dragged your irrelevent and ridiculous twaddle out into the light of scutiny.

As for your first question, are you kidding me?
Undermining the faith of one is nothing, you seem threatened by one sentence (which you won't address), from the secular perspective, dissolving the entire institution of Christianity would be a boon to our species on par with the introduction of agriculture.

I have no expectation of convincing you of the obvious falseness of your absurd beliefs, but maybe I can spare an innocent questioner the misapprehension of thinking them at all valid.
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That was fun to watch.
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I'm with you, Toxic!
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Many people today feel that they do not have to show kindness to others. Christians have the responsibility to ‘receive their brothers kindly,’ to treat them as Jesus would have treated them, showing genuine concern for those we may have known for years and those we may never before have met. (3 John 5-8) As Jesus took the initiative in showing compassion to others, so should we, always being refreshing to others. (Isaiah 32:2; Matt. 11:28-30)

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When I was a Christian, I felt I had the responsibility to "Shine that Light for Christ". To be a representative of a good moral upstanding believer that would be a testimonial in my actions and how I carried myself.

My particular denomination sought out to "Go ye into all the world . . ." . We hade mission teams in every country, to promote OUR particular God Concept and stomp out the regional cultural beliefs in place.

Now having said that, I feel it is clearly indoctrinated propaganda to push that current belief system and keep it alive no matter what the cost to any individual's person beliefs . . . I am a so much happier to be free from it.

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First and foremost be kind to each other.

Understand that no one has cornered the

market on love. So spread as much of it around

as you can. As you take in all the living beings of the world

get as close as you can it will be to your benefit and others.

All are equal, all are here for each other.

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