What are your Beliefs about the Existence and Nature of God? I am looking to compare my answer to someone born in Africa. So if you are able to answer this for me, please tell me where in Africa you are born along with your answer. Thank you.


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You've limited the target group to the point you may not get an answer. What are you seeking to know?

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The Question - "What are your Beliefs about the Existence and Nature of God?"

My Answer - I do not believe in the concept of ANY God/Gods. Therefore the idea of a God existing is the same I apply to other myth based concepts. Now the as far as the Nature of God . . . That wholly depends upon WHICH God you are referring to. Most stories about the Abrahamic God of the Bible depict Him as Righteous, Just, Perfect, All Knowing, All Powerful, and All Present. This is the God concept I have had the most experience with. You could look into the Nature of Allah, Osiris or Zeus with just as much accuracy based on the Stories told about those particular God Concepts.

You will find the majority of people that come to this site are NOT born in Africa. I think you will find religious denominations tend to the same are very close to the same no matter what country.

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Absolutely. Your point?
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The therefore you arrive at is based on your assumption (because you are an atheist) that all ideas of a God existing are myths.

If you are a logician, then you are not a very good one.
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Sure I can accept I am biased. I am biased towards skepticism. I remain skeptical because MY logic revolves around what we know regarding our natural world. I treat all Supernatural claims the same . . . see? I believe in equality in regards to that.
You are equally biased in you views . . . which is fine. I would say you were a product of Cultural Indoctrination towards you particular God Concept, whereas I took a different route since I needed further proof of a God Concept's existence.
Both subscribe to what we find reasonable and logical regarding our personal world views . . . wouldn't you agree?
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You realize the people of Africa have individual beliefs as varied as the people of any other continent, right?

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This is for a class, I did not makeup the assignment. I was looking for individual answers of people from the African continent because the class asked for this.
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God does not exist.

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You would be better off trying to find an African forum on belief in God.

People born in Africa have many beliefs, Christian, Islam and Traditional African.

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