Which of the following is a negative social function of religion? Religion can:


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...cause people to hijack aircraft and fly them into buildings.

...make otherwise good people hope for the end of the world. 

...put innocent people to grim deaths for what they think. 

...lead people to believe by the millions what only a lunatic would believe on his own.

...perpetuate doctrines that: cultivate the subjugation of women; impose guilt on newborns for transgressions of ancient forebearers; instigate fear of learning and knowledge; and enforce shame of one’s own thoughts, body and species. 

How’s THAT for negative social function? 

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So, Don covered it fantastically.

I'll add:

. . . Stymie or slow the progress in scientific discovery and technological advances in lieu of maintaining a belief in "Magic".

. . . Slow the progress of globalizing the human race as a whole to work towards reversing the damage to the earth's natural resources and solar defenses (Carbon Emissions damage to the atmosphere).

. .  Lower skeptical thought process to warrant a choice to embrace willful ignorance to maintain ancient cultural traditions.

. . . Borrowed from Don - "...make otherwise good people hope for the end of the world." . . . And actively work toward that end!

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Did you forget to post the list you wanted us to choose from?

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LOL, it would have probably been more constructive if he had provided an outline of context to stay in . . .
Your right, it does look like there was supposed to be a list.

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