Which Religion Is Followed By The Least Number Of People In The World?


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Based on the most current data from the Religions of the World Website it appears Wicca is the religion followed by the least number of people in the world. Wicca is listed as having 0.5 million followers, however there is a question mark after the listing since, no one has been able to prove this number. Of all the Religions listed Wicca appears at the bottom of the list.

The place of worship for Wicca is in a grove or circular area unlike many other religious worshipers they do not gather in a church building. A Priestess, Priest or Wiccan is the leader of the worship gatherings.

Wicca is considered to be a Neopagan religion and members worship a deity considered to be both female and male. Their deity is called mother Goddess and father God. Wiccans worship through honoring nature and believe their male and female deity created all of nature.

Some refer to Wicca as witchcraft and Satanism, however there is much debate about this issue. I personally have spoken with a person who at one time practised the ways of Wicca who denies this statement.

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