What Is The Percentage Worldwide Of Followers For The Major Religions?


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The percentages of major religious groups are listed below.

Christianity: Christianity is the most popular and widespread religion with a following of 2.2 billion believers which comes up to 34% of the world population. The start of Christianity dates back to around 27 AD/CE.

Islam: It is the second most followed religion with a following which tallies at 22 per cent. The Islamic religion started around 622 AD/CE. It has a following of 1.4 billion people.

Hinduism: The oldest religion of all, the percentage of Hinduism is roughly around 14%. It has a strong following of 995 million believers. Hinduism is mainly followed in India.

Buddhism: Buddhism is largely followed in the south east of Asia. The origin of this religion was from the Indian subcontinent. Buddhism dates back to the 6th Century BC/BCE. Around 380 million people follow this religion.

Sikhism, Confucianism, Shinto and Judaism are other religions followed. Also the percentage of people who don't have faith in any religion is approximately around 17 per cent.

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