How Many Different Types Of Muslims Are There?


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There's 5, and we're all suppose to practice peace & do no harm.
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Over 72
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There r 4 different types ov Muslims as far as I kno but ppl say there r 3 but I read in a book that there r 13:.....

1) Suicide Bombers : These are the most dangerous type of Muslims , they are willing to die in order to take lives of innocent non muslims.They are filled with deep hatred to massacre non muslims and are willing to go to any extent to do it.

Examples : Sept 11 Hijackers Mohammad Atta & Company, 7/7 Bombers , Daily Suicide attacks in Israel by Hamas , Islamic Jihad ,etc.

2) Suicidal Terrorists / Hostage Takers : These are those muslims who are not going for suicide bombings , but they are not afraid of death as well. These are mostly the Hostage takers , they know that there chance of survival is 50% / 50% . They take hostages and threaten them to kill if the demands are not met. They are so ruthless that they murder the hostages by slaughtering them like goats in front of Video Cameras to frighten the non muslims. ( Slaughter of Nick Berg , Paul Johnson, Ken Bigley , Nepali Cooks in Iraq by Abu Musaab Al Jarqavi.)

Examples: Hostage Takers of Beslan , Hostage Takes of Entebbe , Hostage takers of Brother Gilad Shalit,etc.

3) Terrorists ( But not suicidal) : These form the majority of Terrorists , they are well trained in handling Explosives , Bobm making , Sniping ,etc. They plant bombs , they carry on with snipe shooting , they do poisoning , they fire kassams ,etc.

Examples : Yesterday's Serial Blasts of Mumbai murdering 174 innocents and wounding over 500 people in India , World Trade Center Terror plot by Ramzi Yusuf , Anthrax scare , Sniper shootings by John Allen Mohammad in Washington DC, Bali Bombings , etc.

4) Active collaborators : These type of Muslims are not the terrorists themselves , but they actively collaborate and cooperate with Terrorists who are involved in Bombings or Suicide Mission.They provide Logistics , Shelter / Cover , Transport , Ammunition , hardware , information , reconaissance ,etc. They pose as normal citizens busy in their routine lives , infact aiding actively to these mass murderers. They form a significant amount of Muslims .

Examples: Majority of Suicide Bombings in Israel are carried out by the help of Israeli Muslim Arabs who are having Israeli Passports and all the rights which Jewisg Israelis have ( Except Israelis go to army and defend Israel and on the other hand , Israeli arabs claim all the benefits and breed like rats to control Israel demographically.)., Plan of Poisoning Rosh Ha Shanah Dinners in Beit Rimon Caffe in Jerusalem by an Israeli arab Chef , Blasts in Jerusalem University was done by Hamas Terrorists helped by Arab Employees of University ,etc.

5) Supporters of Terrorism : These Muslims are the most vocal supporters of Islamic Terrorism , they hold open rallies in London , Nazareth , etc , holding playcards supporting Terrorism. They openly advocate JIhad and spread propaganda in support of Jihad . These are like opinion makers in favour of jihad.

Examples: You can see CAIR , Muslim Student Organisations like WAMY , Muslims Groups in Universities, Faithful in Londons Finsbury Park Mosque ,etc.

6) Financers of Terrorism : These are those muslims who finance terrorism and give millions of dollars to wage a Jihad and Islamise the Non Muslim Countries.

Examples : Rich Sheikhs of Oil Rich Gulf Countries , Rich Ex patriate Muslims , Islamic Charities and Muslims giving alms or Zakat in every mosque in World.On every friday muslims donate for Zakat or Charity wgich is fifth pillar of Islam and major portion of this money goes to Islamic Militants around the world.

7) Ideological Leaders : These are muslims which interpret Islam in the its real that is most cruel & voilent form , they often issue Fatwas . These are Ayatullahs , Al Sadrs , Head Imams ,etc.

Examples : Muslim Leaders of Al Azhar Mosque in Egypt , Abu Hamza in UK , Mohammad Bakri in UK , Al Zavahiri of Al Qaida , Maulana Masood Azhar of Jaish E Mohammad , Abu Bakar basayir of Jemah El Islamiyah , Preachers of Salafism , Devbandi Islamists of India , Maulana Sami Ul Haq of Islamic Madrassa om Pakistan ,etc.

8) Hate Mongers : These are those muslims who are involved in teaching and preaching Islam in Islamic Seminaries / Madrassas around the World , In their Curriculum , D stands for Dar Ul Harb , M stands for Mujahideen , K stands for Kaffir , and J stands for Jihad. Due to this education in 10 years we will witness whole generation of Suicide Bombers .

Examples : Islamic Seminaries or Madrassas , Islamic Cultural Centres , Dava Organisations , Majority of PA Owned schools in Gaza and West Bank.

9) Tech Savy Muslims : These are those muslims who are modern in appearance but Jihadis in their hearts. They take western education and do learn from western means , They make full use of Western Books , Material , Hardware , Weapons , Internet to wage a hidden Jihad.

Example : Dr. A. Q . Khan of Pakistan : He stole Nuclear Technology from West and successfully made first "Islamic Bomb" ,

Sept 11 Hijackers : They studied in west , They learn flight skills in American Schools and Hijacked Amrican Planes to Hit American Targets.

Pakistani Hackers Club : These are the group of Muslim hackers which hacks Non Muslim websites, posts inflamattory material , they issue internet threats , They make & Moderate Islamic Websites , Make Osama's Videos , Post Slaughter videos , etc.

Recent Moroccan Muslim Hackers hacked a number of Israeli websites .

Al Jazira TV Channel : Most Jounalists of Al Jazira support Militant Islam and their biased relays of programs from Islam point of View are fanning Hatred . Other Channels : PTV , QTV , etc.

10) Fifth Column Muslims : These are those muslims who are living in Non Muslim Countries or have entered non muslim countries by infiltration, they are engaged in espionage activities , thefts , crimes , rapes , and other anti national activities . These are those muslims who live in the Non muslim countries , but their hearts and souls are with Militant Islam , they demonstrate it as soon as they get chance to do so.

Examples : Recent Muslim Riots in France by Algerian / Moroccans / Tunicians which resulted in arson in 300 towns and torching of 16,000 french vehicles.

They are almost in all non muslim countries and are growing their populations by all means and trying to impose Islam by demanding Sharia , Islamic Laws , Halad Meat , Head Scarves ,etc ., They dream to take over their host countries by demographic Invasion.

11) Muslims Intellectuals : These are the Muslim Intellectuals who always claim " Islam means Peace " , " Muslims are peace loving" , "Terrorists are the small minority" , " Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam".

These sort of muslims are using muslim concept of " Taqqiya" to fool majority of Gullible Non Muslims , they keep on assuring non muslims that " Islam is peace " . Their duty is to buy time while remaining Muslim is ready to takeover the Whole Civilised World.

Examples : Major English Speaking and Media Savy Muslim Community Leaders.

12) Supporters / Sympathizers of Militant Islam : Remaining All Muslims fall in this category. They sympathize with the cause of Jihadis , they support Osama Bin Laden , etc. From them , the Miltant Islam gets supports.

Examples : Million Muslims marching in Karachi with Playcards of Osama Bin Laden, Thousands of Muslims buring Israeli flags during Former Israeli PM Mr.Sharon's visit to India, Muslims marching against the mohammads cartoons in Danish Newspapers.

13) Peace Loving Muslims ( Infact Ex-muslims ) ; These are the bold , courageous muslims who realised truth and they tried to speak it loud , they were threatened with death threats and are hiding in West under full protection of Western Goverments.

                                              Tajia aged 12
                                                    Chadwell Heath (England)

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