If Adam And Eve Were Alive Today, How Old Would They Be?


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About 6018 years  adam to the flood 2000 years noah to birth of jesus            2000 years jesus till now 2000 years  adam and eve till now 5998 in fall of this year plus 20 adams creation age adam would be 6018 years old .
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This is a thought-provoking question, one I have never thought about. If, we go the book of Genesis we find the story of creation. This book was probably written about 1450-1410 B. C. (before Christ) by Moses. Moses was born about 1526 B.C. and died about 1350 B.C. Noah was born about 2166 B.C., which was before Moses and before Genesis was written.

So, we know the story of creation is a story passed down by mouth for centuries. The dates prior to Noah are really not known, other than after Adam, Eve, Noah and the great flood the Egyptians, discovered papyrus and ink in about 2500 B.C.,which meant records no longer were recorded, only on walls of caves and mountain sides.

We know there is not a recorded date for Adam, Eve, Noah, his family or the great flood. We can figure Adam and Eve would be older than 3000+ years old.

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