If Adam And Eve Hadn't Bit The Apple Where Would We Be?


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Catholics Have Once Called Earth Putogry. Or Something, Which Is Like A Place Like Hell Where If You Have Done Wrong You Spend A Limited Amount Of Time Their And Go To Heaven. We All Have A Limited Amount Of Time On Earth. Think bout It. Adam And Eve Were Taken Out Of The Garden To What I Think Of As Earth. I Think Of he Garen Of Eden As Heaven. A Perfect Heavenly Place. I Believe God Sent Adam And Eve OtTo Earth(Purtogry) To Do Their Time Before Returning To Garden Of Eden. As Descendants Of Adam And Eve I Think We Too Have To Pay The Price For What Happened. Serving Our Time On Earth To Try And Prove To God That We Are Worthy To Go To The Garden Of Eden. To Be Worthy Of A Second Chance. Don't You? Earth Has Many Good And Bad Things, Jesus Sacrificed Himself So We Could Have A Second Chance. And We Have To Pay The Price On Earth With All The Bad Things Such As Cancer Etc. Then When Our Time Is Done We Can Go Back To Heaven (Garden Of Eden) If Adam And Eve Had Not Bit he Apple Then We Would Be In Heaven (Garden Of Eden) Jesus Would Have Not Have Had To Sacrifice Himself Because We Would Have Never Messed Up The First Time For Him To Save Us. If You Get Me. Ema
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Did you know that in the 1st and 2nd chapters of Genesis, God told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge but there is no where, any mention of the fruit being an apple? This is a very deep question. Where would we be? Probably still in the Garden Of Eden,"Heaven". Maybe Heaven for us would have been right here on earth and maybe when Jesus returns it will be. I suppose we will find out one day. :)
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The Bible does not mention that Adam and Eve ate an apple or any other fruits we know. The forbidden fruit was from the tree of 'the knowledge of good an evil'. The other tree mentioned is 'the tree of life'. If they have not disobeyed God, we would be living in a close communion with God. But this severed relationship with God can still be restored through Jesus Christ.

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