Are We All Related Since Adam And Eve Were The First People?


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Yes, I believe its true that all of us are related. This is because we have the same father and mother- Adam and Eve. Our great ancestors must have been born to the couple. This definitely makes us all related.

All of the children of Adam and Eve, settled at different places around the world. Normally places that fulfilled their food and work requirement were chosen. Now the weather and other conditions of that place affected the color and skin and features of these individuals. As their population multiplied, they grew in number and spread around the world. And became distinct groups of people which later became individual societies and countries.

Thus, in essence we are all children of the same parents. Our differences in skin, religion, color are just to distinguish us from each other.
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Although weather and other conditions may have contributed in some minor way to variations in features basicly genetics caused these variations. The genes in Adam & Eve would have contained the informationt hat would after enough reproduction would produce the various skin, eye, and hair colors as well as other features.
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Yes many believe this is so....

But then again , these days the only evidence is the bible... ( well evidence if you have faith)

Then again science is starting to prove that we are all connected to the same tree of people in the world.. And it ends up to two people.

Well that's only what I saw on the National Geographic Channel.
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No the story of adam and eve is symbolic, for religious zealots, genesis was created by scientist of there times whom supposedly interpreted this information from reading the stars. There was no written language until 2000 years later. So until the biblical abraham nothing was recorded in writing. Ask your so called preachers.
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Adam and eve is just a parable, it is not true. Only science can prove empirically where we began. Believing that stories in the bible are true can only lead to ignorance and trouble
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Couldn't have said it better myself.
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Well actually some scientist in the world are proving that we all came from the same chain of people.....

So it's not leading to ignorance , to be honest it may actually be the opposite.
But I respect your opinion.

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