Can Catholics Eat Eggs When Fasting For Lent?


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Absolutely!  The only restriction dictated by Canon Law in the area of fasting during Lent, is to abstain from meat (NOT meat by- products such as eggs, cheese and milk.)  Canon Law states that one must "fast" (which means limiting the intake of food) on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.  To "fast" means to have 1 large meal and 2 smaller meals in the day.  The two smaller meals could be eggs, etc.  Also a practicing Catholic must "abstain" from eating meat on these two days and all of the Fridays during Lent.  Meat is defined as beef, pork, poultry, game etc.   Think of any warm blooded animal as "meat".  Fish and seafood do not apply.   Hope this clarifies your question.
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Theoretically, eggs are from chicken, which is considered a 'meat' or poultry.  Catholics do not really follow this rule, as it states.  Catholics do eat eggs, even though they really shouldn't.
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Well Catholics do..... Well I don't but they do in general.

Even though they shouldn't considering it comes from chicken.

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