Can Catholics Eat Eggs On Friday?


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There are a number of rules for abstinence in every religion. To abstain means to keep away. Some religious rules specify foods, some days of the week, some months of the year and some even clothing. Following these rules depends upon the rigidity of the society and the individual. The basic idea behind specifying abstinence is to identify with a particular incident cited within the holy books or to exercise control over certain cravings and urges.

The Catholic religion does advocate days of abstinence like the period of Lent and Good Friday, which coincide with the period during which Jesus fasted and prayed, prior to his crucifixion. The fasting on those days is done to pay homage to the memory of Christ's suffering and sacrifice. Those Catholics, who do not fast for all the forty days of the Lenten period, do so on Good Friday and abstain from meat on every Friday in Lent. They also abstain from the consumption of alcohol and celebrations, identifying with the Passion of Christ. Traditionally, the Catholics do not consume meat on Fridays. But, there is no rule as such for the consumption of eggs. They do consume eggs and fish on Fridays. This restriction however, is only followed by those who wish to adhere to tradition.
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Yes, Catholics can eat eggs on a Friday. It's meat of any kind that's not allowed. They cannot eat it on Ash Wednesday or on Good Friday.
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Yes catholics can eat eggs on friday.
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Catholics can eat eggs on Friday.

Your question actually relates to history. Refraining from having meat on Fridays of Lent is actually a regulation of the Church but you can't call it a doctrine. A lot of people think fasting means refraining from having all kinds of food and drink. In many religions, including Christianity, it really means to go on a controlled diet. In Christian tradition, fasting has mostly meant not having meat; but nowadays that has changed and 'abstinence' means not having meat and 'fasting' means having one simple meal in a day.

Christian Tradition distinguishes between 'flesh meat' and the meat of other animals. It considers 'flesh meat' to be of the warm-blooded animals. This is the reason why fish does not come under the abstinence rule. This probably dates back to the early Church days when meat was considered a luxury food. Mostly people had to buy it at that time.Everyone grew vegetables in that period and most people could fish if they lived near water.

Abstaining oneself from meat also meant that rich people would eat same food as the poor people. Other than this, there was a time in the history when anything associated with meat was restricted, which included food like eggs, milk, butter, and cheese.
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What do you mean? What sort of Christians? Did you mean to ask whether eggs are accounted as meat in view of Friday abstinence in the Western Church? Eastern Christians, of course, have a wholly different tradition.
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I'm a Christian and I eat eggs whenever I want to, same with meat. I don't let stupid religious holidays dictate what I eat. If I want to eat it, I eat it, if I don't want to eat it, then I don't eat it.  Now I'm gettin' hungry.  :-)

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