What Is The Hell?


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First let me tell you what it isn"t! It is not right here on the earth as some would say! Second God doesn't send men to Hell they send themselves because they have refused to believe in the only living God who created all things in heaven, in the earth, and under the earth!Rom 1: 16-32... Refusing to worship Him and have refused His Salvation through His Son Jesus Christ! Through salvation we have eternal life and fellowship with God even after physical death! Those who do not choose that will also have an eternal existance in tormant with no fellowship with God! St.Luke 16: 19-31. The dictionary's definition of Hell is the abode of evil spirits, infernal regions, place of eternal punishment or extreme tormant. The unseen world of departed spirits.Hell shall consume the earth increase of men who die in rebellion Isa. 5:14... Isa. 14:9...Rev. 20: 11-15. It is a place prepared for the Devil and his angels! St. Matt. 25: 41-46. Make no mistake it is a real place.But God being a loving God He if full or love and mercy and much long suffering! He is not willing that anyone should perish but but that all would come to Him and receive the free gift of eternal life!!2Pet.3:9 God bless you...Genaveve
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They mean what is going on or what is happening or something like that.
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The hottest place in the world!

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