If I Sin, And Don't Repent, Will I Go To Hell?


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That's alittle tricky question. Are you a Christian ? Have you asked God into your Heart and asked him to forgive your Sins ? Have you previously said what is sometime's called " the sinner's prayer ? " If you are a Christian, then No you will NOT go to Hell. God's GRACE covers any Sins you make - Now that doesn't mean you can go out and sin over and over again on purpose ! We all Sin, yes- even Christians. We are not Sinless, we are a work in progress. But a true Christian DOES feel remorse and guilt after a sin, so we then Do ask for forgiveness for that sin and ask for God's help not to sin again. A Christian tries not to sin, but we DO mess up sometimes, and that's when we pray for God's help. However if you are Not a Christian, then according to the Holy Bible - Yes you will go to Hell and suffer. Sin cannot enter Heaven. My question is why didn't you repent ? I don't expect an answer, that's between you and God, but repenting is simple and easy - as long as you really mean it in your Heart. So go to God - He Loves hearing from you, He's waiting for you right now. ** If you Aren't a Christian - say this prayer and if you MEAN it - you will be Saved and be a Christian. Dear God, I believe in You. I believe that you are the creator of Heaven and Earth. I believe that you sent your Son, Jesus to Save my Soul. I Believe that Christ was born from a virgin, suffered and died for me. I believe He rose again from the dead, assended into Heaven and sits by your right hand. I believe that He and He alone is the only way to Heaven. I ask that you forgive me of my many sins, and ask for your help to live a sinless life. I ask that you live in my Heart from now until eternity. Amen. Good - Luck Sweetie - I will pray for you !!
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Thank you for your answers. Yes, I am a christian and recieved Jesus into my heart 11 years ago and I do repent for my sins. In another question though, as I began to answer I read someone elses response in which they said that if you sin and don't repent then you will go to hell.It troubled my spirit and I felt it was wrong but I thought that I may need some clarification. Thank you very much.God Bless:)
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Bttav11,We all fall short of God's glory from time to time, however, I am sure you have read that God will come again to judge the living and the dead, then we will have to be account for our sins. Those who wish and want to accept God, you will given the chance to repent and those who do not, then they will exist no more.

It doesn't means should continue to stray and carry on as the way we, we should act accordingly and imitate God's ways, although it is some times very difficult in the system. There will be no hell as many people think. Once God's carries out his promise and restore the earth, all those doing bad and worship against Him will no longer exist or given the chance to stay on the new earth.
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I am very confused about this question myself, how I see it is that we are all sinners and never no when we will die, so what if you sin and are not given the time to repent you should not go to hell for that.. Its all about circumstance that you are in and God is the one who will judge you. God died for our sins, so if we sin and then die without repenting I think once we die we stillk have the chance to be forgiven only if we are truly sorry and want to be forgiven, God will transform you and make you into a better person when you die!
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Yes but if you have believed then I don't know

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