In Islam What Is The Belief Behind Judgment Day And Is There Any Proof Of Life After Death?


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Islam teaches Muslims and all human beings that there is one God and there is no one except him and Hazrat Mohammad ( is His last messenger.
Islam also give the concept of the Day of Judgment in which Muslims believe that on one particular day the man will be accountable to Allah Almighty for the actions done by him in his life (in this world) and Allah will reward or punish him for his deeds. This DOJ would come suddenly only Allah knows the right time.

The life after death is not a new life it's a continuous of this life which just brings the hidden realities of life. The person who follows the right path and do what Islam told him to do then he will be successful in the life after death because Allah has promised His blessing upon that person. The person who indulges themselves in sinful acts will be punished for his misdeeds and sent to Hell.

On Day of Judgment
• Sun will be twisted up like a sheet of garment and all forces attach to it will breakup.
• The oceans will boil over and overcome all landmarks.
• The dead one will be brought out of their graves.
• One day will last fifty thousand years.
• The sky will grow weaker and be torn apart.
• The mounts will fly just like small pieces of cotton.

For evidence after death Read Quran because in this world the truth will reveal after death but if you still want some evidence then go to these site but these sites give different experience or feeling faced by people and scientists but no one has seen the reality  as yet.

1.   Life After Death
2. Life After Death
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Every Muslim has a belief on the Day of Judgment. It's a belief that one day that world will be finished. The comforts we avail here are just for few days. All the does either good or bad we are answerable for each and every act what we will perform in this world. We will get return for our every act either good or bad.

Every body will give his proper right there. The belief on the Day of Judgment is basically insist one to do good deeds. If there will be no concept of Day of Judgment then who will be fearful of doing bad deeds. Then this world will be just like hell. The belief on the Day of Judgment, make us responsible about doing good things.

If some person is doing good deeds but he is not getting anything in return but at least he is hopeful that he will get in return his entire good deeds act at the Day of Judgment even if he is not getting rewards in his life, but at the end of the life he will get his reward. What we sow that what we get at the end.

So as a responsible person it should be our duty to do more and more such thing which will help us on the Day of Judgment. If some thing is mentioned in the Quran and also delivered to us by the Prophet of Allah then it means that it's our duty to believe on those things.
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In the judgement day nobody can tell if a person will go to the heaven or to the hell, because the god will decides the destiny of everyone & he would forgive a lot.

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