Do We Make Our Own Heaven And Hell Right Here On Earth?


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Yes you are right. This life is a test. God has given us two paths to spend our lives. One is right and one is wrong. Those who follow the straight path (be honest, always say truth, give charity, compassionate and love all living things) will earn heaven and those who don't will go to hell. So we make our own heaven and hell right here on the earth.
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It depends upon the actions we do. We can make our heaven by doing good things, thinking good, loving all. It can be hell, when you do it in the reverse way
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I believe that the life we live in the "Here & Now" is all there is for humanity. Of course, it is up to each individual person on whether life is and / or feels like "Heaven OR Hell" right here on earth.
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Yes.....the choices you make affect the here and now and the thereafter. This life is not all there is for humanity and the other lifeforms of this and every world; nor is this life entirely like a test like how some religions make it out to be. All achieve the path to salvation;            you aren't just born, live, die, get sent to an afterlife like a prison sentence for all eternity and thats all cause thats not all there many different levels. Don't bother looking to your agendad religions or your bastard and/or heretic god(s) for the truth. All will eventually end up in the same place no matter who or what or where you were in this life. This life is not it there are others. So yes the choices you make in this life affect the here and now and the thereafter.   Heaven and hell on earth are but "symbolic vessels" used to express the good and bad on earth while heaven and hell in the thereafter are actual places in one form or another.                                                                                                                                                                                             Open your mind and the truths shall be revealed to you                                                   join your voice with mine and we shall sing peace peace everlasting
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The answer to your question is "Yes".
If we make a place dirty we live in Hell.   To make a place clean, we live in Heaven.
I we are nasty,  mean and cruel, we live in Hell.
  If we are nice,  caring an helpful,  we live in Heaven.

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