Can Muslims Eat Butter?


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Yes Muslims can consume any dairy products which includes butter and cheese. However, certain types of butters and cheeses may involve animal fats or other ingredients which are not typically considered halal for Muslims. Butter is halal for Muslims and they can consume it, provided it does not have any questionable additives.
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Yes I believe I was going to answer the same answer, but you beat me to it. OH !! Sorry, didn't introduce myself, my name is Rola and I am a muslim blurter here, nice to meet you!
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Amol Palwe , Dairy Food Consultant, answered

If you are asking about dairy butter, then yes Muslims can consume it. Since butter is made out of milk so no question arises of being halal or not. In my country butter specially Amul Butter is widely consumed. I have not yet heard any Muslim rising such question. Well, don't have Idea about your country if they use animal fats in butter.

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