Why Did Jesus Rise On Easter Sunday?


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He prophesied that He would be killed, buried, then would rise on day 3.  For the Jews. Their 'days' are different than ours.  Day 1- Friday- Jesus died and was buried.
Day 2- Saturday- the sabbath
Day 3 Sunday-  Jesus rose from the grave.    That is why Christians go to church on Sunday- to celebrate Resurrection Sunday.
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He didnt rise on (easter also know as eshtar(I may have mis-spelled that) this is a pagan holiday this idea of the word easter come from the old roman catholic church that distanced itself from the jews early in there history,however the early catholic church co-opted many pagan holidays and rituals to entice the pagans to join by showing commonality) more properly stated THE Christ  rose on passover morning known as pascha or pascal

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