Why Did Jesus Talk About HELL More Than Any Other Subject?


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That's a topic of alert! The most important of Jesus Subject, he's letting us know that Hell is real!!!
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He didn't...... His main subject that he spoke many times about was his Kingdom. Www.watchtower.org can answer most any questions on such topics. However, the Greek scriptures focus mainly on Jesus speaking of His kingdom on earth
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Perry Donaldson
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Watchtower=Jehovah witnesses according to 1st John 2nd and 3rrd chapter's are of the spirit of antichrist, they use a distorted, perverted translation of the scripture's, denying that Jesus is the Christ=eternal God......................sorry
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I agree with you Ziglag, I used to commune with the JW's and when I found out they don't believe Jesus is the son of God, I ran far far away from them!
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He didn't, that's just another of your delusions. I find it utterly hilarious that you AGs and the JWs are constantly at each other's throats, when you couldn't actually put a cigarette paper between you in terms of the ludicrousness of both of your beliefs. It's in the Bible of course - look up motes and beams!
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Perry Donaldson
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Assembly of God and JW so much alike,Can U be specific. Are we similiar in Worship style
NO, JW sit around at a table and read WATCHTOWER, AOG study the Word of the Lord like the Berean's in Acts.During song service we worship fervently, with the whole heart, JW's do not sing unto the Lord. According to Doctrine, AOG are studing to show ourselves approved unto God., JW find acceptance to Watchtower. AOG have the Power of God to cast out demons, JW would run from someone manifesting Demons, JW
Stewart Pinkerton
Thanks for making my point......

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