In The Bible, Who Was Jacob?


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Jacob together with Esau was born was born to Isaac and Rebekah (after about 29 years or marriage.) Esau was the firstborn and his brother Jacob was born immediately after grasping Esau's heel.Some people say this was because Jacob was trying to hold Esau back from being the first born, but there is no evidence of this in the bible, itself. Jacob was favoured by his mother and Esau by his father.
When Isaac was older, and the bible also tells us that he was blind, he decided to bless his oldest son before he died. He sent Esau out in the fields to hunt down some meat and prepare him a meal, after which he would receive his blessing. (According to the Jewish commentators, since the blessing would be prophetic, and prophecy only rests on one who is in a joyful state of mind, Isaac desired to first eat meat and drink wine to arouse himself to happiness.) Rebekah who heard this exchange hurried to tell Jacob. She obviously wanted Jacob to receive the blessing and not Esau. But Jacob was afraid that  his father would catch him out as he was not as hairy as his brother. But his mother told him not to worry and with the skin of a goat covered his arms. Isaac was fooled by this and gave him the birth right. As you might have guessed, Esau was angry and swore to himself that he would kill Jacob.
So Rebekah, who again overheard, sent Jacob to her brother Laban who lived in Haran. On the way to Haran Jacob experienced a vision in which he saw a ladder reaching into heaven with angels going up and down it, a vision that is commonly referred to as Jacob's Ladder. From the top of the ladder he heard the voice of God, who repeated many of the blessings upon him. Jacob awoke in the morning and continued on his way to Haran. When he reached a well, he saw Rebekah, the daughter of Laban, and immediately fell in love with her. Laban said after 7 years of working for him, he could them marry her. But the bible tells us that the 7 years passed by like a few days. Laban tricked Jacob and switched Rebekah for Leah. But he finally married Rebekah after another 7 years of working for Laban.
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Jaco was the son of Issac who was the son of Abraham. Issac was married to a woman named Rebecca, and together they had twins named Jacob and Esau. Jacob married Leah and her sister, Rachel. He had most of his children with Leah, for Rachel could not get pregnant for a period of time. Just to name a few:

Diana, Rueben, Gad, Asher, Dan, Judah, Simion, Levi, etc.

With Rachel he had Joseph and Benjamin. Rachel died in child birth when she had Benjamin, though. Joshep's brothers sold him to slave traders and he became second in command of all Egypt after a series of events. His family moved to Egypt and became known as the Hebrews. They stayed there and were eventually enslaved. Moses delivered them but they had to stay in the desert for 40 years. Then, they knocked down Jericho with horns and shouting. The conquered Israel and were happy until Babylon conquered them. Then Daniel came in. He was Darius' right hand man. He got fed to lions but the Lord saved him. He also predicted the Great Tribulation and the exile. Then they were conquered by Persia. Ester became Xerxes queen and saved the Jewish people from destruction. Nobody heard from God for 400 years or so, but then a 16 year old named marry became pregnant when she was still a virgin. Her and her husband Joseph went to Bethlehem and Jesus was born. He did awesome things, was killed, and rose again. Then he went up to heaven. We haven't heard directly from God since John's vision of the end times.

To think that Adam and Eve started all of that...
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Jacob is supposed to be the father of the Jewish people. He was the shepherd forebear of the 12 tribes of Israel. The name means trickster or displacer. His mother and father were Rebbeca and Issac, and he had an older twin brother Esau. Rebbeca favoured Jacob.
And Jacob won his father's approval and the birthright that was properly due to his elder brother. Esau became enraged and Jacob fled the ancestral land of Haran. In Haran he married his uncle's two daughters Leah and Rachel.
During his flight he had a vision at Bethel in which a ladder descended from heaven. His own success and prominence was foretold.
On returning to the land of Caanan he had a mystical experience in which he wrestled with some supernatural being. As a reward for his tenacity in the fight, God gave him the name Israel to use. It means, 'he who strives with God'.
His name occurs in other faiths like Islam, in which he is regarded as a prophet.
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wrong. Jacob was not the father of the Jewish people, Abraham was. Jacob, formerly known as Israel, was only one of the generations of Abraham. His son Joseph was sold by his brothers and taken to Egypt. This later caused the Israelites to move to and then become slaves in Egypt.
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Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebecca and the brother of Esau who birthright he took unfairly.
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Jacob was the son of Isaac. He represents the work of the Holy Spirit. Abraham represents the Father, Isaac represents the Son/Jesus, and Jacob represents the Holy Spirit. That is why his life was so hard. He was striving against the Holy Spirit, just like we do today. We can be of good cheer though. If our loving God finished His work in Jacob, He will most certainly finish His work in us. God Bless!
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Jacob was the son of Isaac who was the son of Abraham. Jacob was later named Israel. He had twelve sons and each son had a large enough household to become a tribe and together they were the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Israel means to rule with Elohim, more specifically to rule over your spiritual enemies by the grace of God. Jacob/Israel was the father of God's Holy People (Deut. 7:6). The Spiritual aspect of Jacob, who is Israel, is the father of a spiritual Twelve Tribes in the end days. This is the Israel of God spoken of in (Matt. 6:10, Acts. 26:7, Gal. 6:16, Rev. 21:9-12)
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Prophet jacob is the father of jews and whice jews came form he is 12 kids include joseph prophet  name of father of jacob is isaac and father of isaac is prophet abraham whice prophet abraham is the father of jews ,christians thru first wife of abraham sarah and muslims (islam) are also thru maidservant hagar whice ishmael they are all brothers  please read genesis ch 17 -23
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In the Bible, Jacob is the father of Joseph, who gets sold into slavery by his brothers who are jealous of the love their father has for his second youngest son i.e. Joseph.... Think Andrew Lyodd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.    The story of Joseph also appears in the Quran, with many beautiful details.    And prob in the Taurah, but I'm not sure on that...
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He was the 2nd born twin to Isaac and Rebekah. Jacob meaning Heel catcher, supplanter, cheater, defrauder, deciever. Gen. 25:23-26.His brother Esau was born first and it was normal protocal for the father to give all the birthrights and the blessings that go with it to the first born, which he did! But in this case this was not what God wanted and made it very clear to Isaac..Gen.25:23..God Himself chose the 2nd born Jacob to receive the blessing.Through Isaac's carnal appitite caused him to forget Gods word and Esau's oath.Gen.25:25-23,31-34. Thus he was tricked into right action by his wife and younger son Jacob. Read Gen chapter 27. Genaveve
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Jacob was Esau's brother who tricked their father Issac and took the blessing that as the first born belonged to Esau.
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Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebecca. He was a twin with E'sau. His grandfather was Abraham. E'sau hated Jacob because he was liked more by his Parents, which formed a bond of hate instead of love. Jacob grew up and had a big family and that is where Joseph comes from.
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Jacob was a chosen man of God the creator. First he was called I the blessed man of the Lord. Do you know that?
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Jacob is one of the son of Isaac. He is the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. He is one of the chosen leader of God because of his genuine faith.
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Jacob was man that serve God with all is heart and use all his life to praise him but devil went the heaven and he told God to tempt jacob that when God we know may jacob luv him or he really serve him
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Jacob was the father of Joseph. Jacob made a beautiful coat for his son of many colours. Joseph had the talent or gift of being able to understand and tell what people's dreams meant.

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