What Does Pisces Mean?


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The term Pisces is used either to refer to the constellation of stars, or to the twelfth sign of the zodiac.

What does Pisces mean?
  • Pisces is a constellation positioned in the equatorial expanse of the Northern Hemisphere in the vicinity of Aries and Pegasus.
  • It's located directly south of Andromeda and is known as "the fishes".
  • In astrology, it is the last of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Here, too, it is called "the fishes". Despite its plural form, Pisces may also denote an individual born under this sign.
Pisces is a water sign which is ruled by the planet Neptune, and the sign has a negative quality. People whose birth dates fall between February 19 and March 20, are normally considered to be Pisceans. Under the sidereal zodiac, however, the birth dates for Pisces are currently those between March 15 and April 13.

The term Pisces is middle English in origin: It comes from the medieval Latin term Pisces; from the Latin term pisces / piscis, meaning fish.
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Pisces means a great person who is very artistic.

You have a huge heart. You're very kind and you care for others - it's something you can't help. You might get confused with your feelings.You are creative and have a big imagination.

Sometimes you might be worried and get very stressed, but you have a wonderful future ahead of you and you are interested in many things.
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It is a zodiac sign, in a certain date, I know it's right after my zodiac sign, the Aquarius.

However, The Pisces symbolizes "fish", and people born in that time are usually very co-operative.

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