What Will Happen If You Make A Pisces Very Angry?


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Pisceans are sensitive souls who do not get angry easily and, even if you do manage to push them to breaking point, it is unlikely that they will have a shouting war with you.

They may snap at you, but ultimately you will have hurt their feelings rather than simply annoying them.

  • Pisceans are born between February 20 and March 20 in the year, and Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.
  • The sign is preceded by Aquarius and is succeeded by the first sign of the zodiac - Aries.
  • Pisces is a water sign which is ruled by the planet Neptune. Its quality is mutable, which means the sign is adjustable and understanding.
What happens if you make a Pisces angry?
  • Pisceans are known for their caring, friendly and warm natures. They are honest and loyal people which makes them great companions and dependable partners.
  • They are imaginative and creative, and value their emotions and feelings over logic and reason.
  • Sometimes they have been known to be secretive and idealistic, which does not always serve them well. Some other signs of the zodiac may be suspicious of a Piscean's intentions.
  • They can also be weak-willed and easily-led individuals, which can lead to them being taken for granted or strung along by some of the other signs.
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It seems a Pisces woman will avoid you, possibly make whatever issue seem otherworldly or bigger than it really is. She will only contact you when she wants or if you manage to appeal to her compassionate side (you can only do this by expressing something that will make her feel more sad or that's her care is needed).

When the contact finally happens it may be aggressive, overly kind (she's playing games to confuse), or she'll try to turn people against you, or you against others (again more games to confuse, no real attempt to be a mean person, but she hasn't totally thought out the consequences). With intentions that seem very out of character, she might do anything that will get you to dig your hole deeper in a way to force you being pushed away.

She'll also hope that if things reach a point of no return that you'll get angry and make all the tough decisions. She'll likely tell her point of view to every person she knows, so expect to have no privacy and to be in most cases hated by others for she's tainted their opinions with unjust and irrational statements.

It's easy to find yourself thinking, "how could this person make this connection or rationalization?". They'll seem impossible at times to understand, first because they're a Pisces, and second because they're a woman. You must give them their space and play their game. In most cases it's best to quickly appeal to their desire to help and care for another, get them talking (any level of communication), than play their game right back.

It's got to be all about them like a little kid crying for the other toy. They've got to feel that you've done whatever possible to kiss their butt and they still might not be completely satisfied. They are escapists, so don't go and search them out, the time to avoid should not be interrupted or they will just get more child-like and get more angry.

The temper tantrum of a female Pisces can seem almost funny to watch! They'll vocalize their frustration via a howl, perhaps even break things. It's always best to very smoothly point out what they've done wrong and to keep it as a weapon because if you don't they'll have their list against you.

You must be careful with telling them anything, they're more likely to follow a leader then take action on instruction. Don't be too tough and, if you're logical, try to respond in an emotional way or your logic will continue to destroy their mood.

I've experienced dishes being broken, items being slammed, yelling, complete avoidance, telling every friend what's going on and not addressing the issue - just talking. I've seen them try to kill you with kindness to confuse, and use the statement "what" or "how" playing dumber then they really are to avoid.

They are more witty and darn smarter then they allow most to see. Their drive to follow emotion is what can make them very explosive, as they give little or no thought to how these emotions will cause damage.

Generally expect to be first pushed away if you're the source of the anger, then expect anything that might seem vindictive, perhaps random, for they might be trying to live their imagination in reality.
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I am a Pisces and I agree that when I am angry I use every curse word from A-Z and yell and break things because I feel like everything is becoming or is horrible and my emotions start coming out.

I get extremely irritated and when I'm mad or upset with someone I tell them but I really keep it personal, sometimes! I will avoid you and confuse you and so much more to make you feel my pain!
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I have a friend who is Pisces. Oh, my God, he makes a big deal out of small things. When he gets mad, he doesn't talk for 6 months. When you get back to him, he acts like nothing ever happened.

He made me feel guilty. It's hard to understand him. At one point they care about you and other point they totally make you feel like a stranger.
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I am a male pisces and for the most I rarely get upset...but when I do it is completely warranted and without fanfare.  I simply and succinctly explain the reason for my frustration and may use colorful language when my message is not being received with understanding and respect.  When done, I will, at that point, determine whether or not the individual in question really needs to be in my life.

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Pisces are completely crazy! They are cold and unfeeling individuals, who care only for themselves. I'm talking about a Pisces man, and I am a Libra woman. Libras, whatever you do, steer clear of a Pisces. You will end up hating them. They will belittle your sense of logic and act abusively towards you. Trust me, they are deceptive, and don't be fooled with that sensitivity thing. There is no substance to it. Pisces are amorphous and unable to accept criticism or any opinion that contradicts their own. They are purely childish, passive aggressive, and they NEVER grow up. RUN! RUN AWAY! LOL!

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I'm a libra woman currently dating a Pisces male. 

He can be as sweet as pie but when he is angry..... he will slam doors, punch walls, belittle me and call me every name and use every curse word in the book!

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I am a Libra woman dating this Pisces man.  We were classmates back then in Senior High.  After 15 years of being friends, we took one level up to be in a relationship.  

Being loved by Pisces is a great thing -- he'll shower you with so much love like a prince charming in fairy tales but poof! -- the next day he'll ignore you completely like a wicked hag.  I did a thing that he TOTALLY dislikes (not sexually), and the moment that he knew it, he texted me messages with hurtful words from A-Z.

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We are different - the trouble is u don't know how to understand us - we feel like we were born on the wrong planet everyday - its silly but nearly impossible to live with - most of us will never admit this - this is a one off insight  -laugh at us if you like we don't worry bout tat - b happy - [email protected]

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I will admit such, 33 years of life and I have always felt lost and alone. Even with a map, and people I know, in a place I knew by heart. Like i was meant for a different time or place. Always, and never ending.
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I used to be irrational when angry, even dealt with a rage complex. But since such have spent years learning to control my temper. And now I don't get angry without reason. Being the honest person I hold myself to, I only speak observations and precise things that have caused my anger. It's funny.. Cuz I'm pretty sure every other sign I have encountered aside from cancers have toyed with and caused a very large pain inside my heart and mind. We care more than anyone can fathom. Even when angry..we care. We however

I will end in the summation that if you take a Pisces too far they will cut you from their lives

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