Are Virgo Women And Pisces Men Compatible ?


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Yes, they are extremely compatible. Pisces and Virgos are polar opposites which means that each one has what the other person needs (if you believe in astrology).

Pisces needs strong women like Virgo or Scorpio. They will run over anybody else.
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To be honest if you are only focussing your love life on astrology you will let the love of your life pass you by. Give people a chance just like they're giving you a chance. Look for what you're feeling around the person, how she feels around you because if you just focus on what you've read about them that may be totally different then who they really are.
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Well, I'm a male Pisces and I had a 7 month relationship with a female Virgo. There was only a year and a bit between us. I'll start off by saying the bond that I had with this particular lady was the most amazing feeling one man could feel, staring into her eyes/soul, the romance, the cuddles, the laughs. The trips away, It was fantastic, but it just seemed to me that she let me down all the time.

Her life was a mess when I came into it, she is hardworking, but lacked confidence, was untidy, didn't think anything through, wouldn't organize or play. She eventually began to pick up my structure and habits of organisation, but she still continued with the baggage and little white lies that are pointless.

If we were ever to talk, I would just get an angry response and she wouldn't want to talk. But I tolerated it, because I loved her and knew there could be some deeper underlining emotional problems.

We had our petty arguments due to the things she did not attempt to realize and fix, which lead to the end of our relationship, I love this girl to bits more than words can express. She doesn't understand that the things we encountered could be fixed if she learned how to deal with pressure and communicate.

I still feel she is the one for me, I can help her in so many ways emotionally and I know she has strengths that I benefit from. I wish she could see the reality I have painted in my head of how we can be if she just gave it effort. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss her and stop from loving her.

We would create a path of happiness. Oh, and those who don't take some belief in astrology. The last four girls I have been attracted to and asked out have all been Virgos. I didn't know they were before I met them, but Virgos, there is something that attracts me to them.

I hope she matures and realizes someday what went wrong and comes back. Even though she hurt me but yes they are compatible, it depends on each persons maturity. I.e : Dealing with stress, learning how to communicate and love each other for each person's traits unconditionally.
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I'm a Pisces man and I've been searching for a Virgo woman for the past few years. I am now dating one for the first time and the vibe is right! But, her environment is uncomfortable. I am now asking myself if I'm going to be patient and work it out or seek other available Virgo women. Regardless, I will only seek those that I'm compatable with.
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Virgo woman going out with a younger Pisces was love at first sight and I didn't even know him or what it was that made me begin to fall in love with him before he even knew who I was. He's just so magical, caring, honest and sensitive.....and the SEX IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!

He's very attentive and passionate.....the passion transfers over to his work and sometimes he can spend too much time working but it gives me time to clean and organize the house.

We have arguments every once in awhile but it's usually due to my own insecurity and jealousy over his frequent female admirers.....including ex-girlfriends. He says he would never cheat on me and I do believe him but it does bother me because I've been cheated on before.
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Since I am not into the horoscope and sign thing I really don't care. Everyone has different personalities. My little brother is a Gemini but he acts like a Virgo...everyone is different. If he is your true love, your heart will tell you, not some horoscope thing.
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Compatibility has got nothing to do with star signs but everything to do with what kind of individuals the two people are.
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I was with a Pisces man for three years . And I seem to have observed that they do like the attention that Virgo women give off.. By chasing them, especially when they say that they never want you in their lives..but I really felt like he was everything I could ever want. As much as opposite as we were, there were good qualities that helped both of us..

Now I just wish to get him back,, but because we are so opposite, we just never could get along, because I didnt have the patience, and my emotional roller coaster got the best of him..

I miss my one and only Pisces man. And I know I can never get him back..
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Hey, i used to have a pisces bf and am a virgo too, i loved him like i never loved anyone before, but he kept hurting me cos he never knew how to treat me right and never told me that he loved me tho he did more than i loved him,i knw he's no good for me, thank God i did forget abt him after abt a year of pain, by the time he felt that am over him and am just treatin him as a friend, he felt like he lost me and he told me that he loves me and he'll do anything to get me back, but too late fr him
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I'm a Virgo woman seeking a Pisces man. I have not come off at him like a want a relationship, but we have had sexual intercourse twice and I want to take things further. But I see he plays games like not returning my calls or answering my texts after we have seen each other. So I don't chase him because that's not my style.
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I met a wonderful Pisces man. The problem is he is 15 years younger. Although we just started dating, and he takes me wonderful places, and is so kind and gentle, I've never been intimate with him. I feel I will be hurt in the end.

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