How Compatible Are Cancer And Pisces?


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These two are very compatible because they possess the same element - water.

They are both very emotional signs, which should mean that they will strike up a connection very quickly, although they could encounter problems in the long term.

Cancer and Pisces compatibility...
  • Both Cancer and Pisces value feelings, emotions, intuition and their hearts over logic and reason. This makes for a very powerful emotional connection between the two, especially as Cancer is very empathetic.
  • This emotional bond means that the relationship is a very romantic one, as both these signs love to be loved. The combination of these two sensitive signs will make for a very sentimental and loving relationship
  • Both have their heads in the clouds, which is great for developing a deep connection between them, but not so good when a practical or level-headed view is needed. This is where the problems could arise.
  • Their similarity could well be the problem in this partnership. Both Pisces and Cancer would probably be better off looking for a sign that complements their own rather than matching it.
  • The best match in the zodiac for Cancer is Taurus, which can provide the security and stability that the Cancer craves. These two signs will bring out the best in one another. Cancers, like any sign, will not be disappointed by the Taurus between the sheets - as these guys are the best lovers in the whole of the Zodiac. Trust me.
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Probably, because the both help each other and understand the romance element very well. They both are benevolent and affectionate.

Cancers are leaders while Pisces are loving and caring. Most probably, Cancer will prove to be faithful. But yes, they are right match.
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Cancer and Pisces are very compatible. They are both water signs. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

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