Why did someone make up God in the first place?


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Just to keep the world in control. For example, if somebody wanted to have an affair somebody could tell him/her 'but God said not to commit adultery' and to think that they might get into heaven if they believed in God.
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Paranoia is a survival trait.  If a rock falls from an overhang and you assume that that is the start of a mudslide and run away, the worst thing that can happen if you are wrong is you look a bit silly.  If you're walking in a forest and a branch falls near you and you assume that someone is throwing branches at you from the treetops running away will again, only make you look silly.  If you assume that everything is out to get you in the wild you will have a much greater chance of survival.  So what about natural disasters?  You can't run from lightning, you can't fight it either.  So after you have language, couldn't you try to reason with it?  Looking at early polytheistic religions this is certainly a plausible explanation, considering that most gods are based on deadly, dangerous or life effecting natural occurrences.
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Without something to believe in people would go insane
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So they could call themselves priests and make money by telling everyone else that only "They" could save you from God's wrath, whatever... And to help explain things they did not have answers for... Lightning, earthquakes, storms, etc...
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The question is how did you get here /the first human get here if there is no God.this is what you and the others here have to decide.were you created by someone(a all knowing creator) who you are made in there image or did you/ your lineage crawl out of the ooze(are you a monkey's uncle/aunt) after a happenstance of the big bang.this is why the bible/God's word says for you to work out your own salvation in fear and trembling. If you think it's all a joke then your life is a joke and if it is real then you have to decide what your going to do in order to make it  back into heaven after your short life on earth.let's ask you this- why would a intelligent being such as your self believe there is no God if your here now.this is why you either know there is the one God or you make jokes to cover your fear of what you are actually living for. Just my opinon/thoughts on this. Or let's explain it this way you had a father and a mother and you look like them .so do you think you look like a monkey or man(meaning male/female). In other words if there is a creator then you were created.if there is no creator then you are a accident of nature. You decide.
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God was made up to help people in the past along time ago the things in the bibles guided people like eating certain meats back in the day eating something could kill you that today would be perfectly ok another reason is control it put woman backwards for so long eventually people will get out from under "the bibles" control
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This is why believing is God is called faith...religion is faith...you don't believe in God cus you think tht if you can't see him then he is not real right?...well we don't believe in God because we are gullible and believe what people tell us....but because although we can't see him..we have faith...we don't need proof tht he is physically here ..we believe in our hearts tht he is with us....we have faith..nd tht is what religion is...religion is believing in something without any actual evidence ...8).....and God was always here...there is a creator for eveything..for example the heart....
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Because there must be a God for us to be created.
For example seeds, seeds cannot be created by someone else so there must be a
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I think you need to rephrase this question- nobody "made up" God.
If you're looking at, say, the Greek or Roman gods, that's another story.
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Brady commented
My question does apply to you, if you don't wish to answer it that is fine I only ask you think about its implications. The end of my comment applies only barely and indirectly to you, I can appreciate that you were reacting (not that I particularly agree with the reaction) and I can appreciate that your comment was probably not meant to insult, only stymie conversation. Selie seems to be more of the mind that her religion makes her superior and I was more criticizing her response.
Brady commented
Though, I admit I allowed some of my previous experience with her arrogance to enter my comment.
abby commented
Then I'm sorry for attacking you- but I don't agree with what you've said about Selie.
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What the heck is your problem? God is real and is not made up. I hope you don't go to hell. And anyway, if there was no God, how would there even be life? Or existance for that matter? If he was fake then there would not be any at all.
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Justus Young
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God is fake. Our existence does not prove his. We are made of matter, atoms and energy. You only believe in him because you were gullible enough to believe anything anyone told you.
Addilynn Addilynn
Hey lets not abuse a faith.....keep your opinions to yourselves...
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I think it was to make people feel calmer about death. Giving people a reason to believe that death isn't the end. Or it could be because someone was trying to make everyone good by saying if you believe in god and you do nothing wrong you will go to heaven when you die but if you sin you will go to hell. But that didnt work as you see on any news channel.

Maybe people wanted ways to connect to eachother so they created religions.

I am by no means a religios person to be honest I think it is not needed. In my opinion I think it has don't nothing good for humanity. I do however believe there is something after death because you can't just work your whole life to survive just to die and thats it.

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