Why Do Scorpio Men Like Older Women?


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In my opinion Scorpio men don't just like older women, they like all kinds of women, as long as they are attracted to them! But there may be some traits specific to more mature ladies that particularly excite a Scorpio man...

  • A Scorpio man would love the maturity of an older woman, as he is very serious about his relationships with women, and is not willing to play silly little games anymore.
  • Scorpio men love the loyalty, faithfulness, companionship and ability to keep a secret that older ladies offer.
  • A Scorpio man gets very attached to his lovers (and sometimes even possessive), so the relative tranquility and calmness of a more mature woman may suit him better than a younger lady.

Do Scorpio men like older women? Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, and the sign is co-ruled by both Pluto and Mars. Scorpios are associated with the eighth house and people born under its influence are known for their intensity and powerful personalities. The eighth house is associated with transformation and the star sign's key planet is Pluto - the planet of love.
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We like older woman since they do know a lot more then we do and beleive me you don't like the games of the younger ones. So smile and she will smile with you.
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Maybe it's because an older woman is sometimes more confident, not into games, knows what she wants and is comfortable in her sexuality?
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Why does younger scorpio guy keep coming back to me but does not want to "label" us?

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