How Compatible Are Cancer Men And Scorpio Women?


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Very compatible indeed! These two signs favor emotions and feelings over facts and logic - which should help them forge a deep emotional connection.

The best word to describe the combination of these signs would be - harmonious.

The only problem this couple will encounter is in staying grounded - both rely on their emotions, so if these get out of hand they will experience the biggest ups and downs of any match.

How compatible is a Cancer man and a Scorpio woman?
  • The Scorpio woman can provide the Cancer man with the security and affection that he craves within a relationship. She will impress him with her sparkling personality and natural charm.
  • The water element of these signs means that they will always be loyal to one another. They will find they share a psychological bond.
  • This match will be full of passion and love, but problems could arise when both partners harbour secrets. The Cancer man may find the Scorpio woman's suspicions irritating, whilst she will not like his mood swings.
These two certainly have potential. They will create a very strong emotional bond, but if problems do occur they may find it difficult picking up the pieces.

If this match does work, it will be heaven. If it doesn't, it will be hell.
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Well as a male Cancerian and although Indian in origin I think I'd probably make a good match for another water sign such as Scorpio (female), I have met quite a few, both male and female and to be honest I get on with all Scorpios.

However, although western astrology is good I do tend to go bit further and look into Indian and Chinese astrology. You would be quite surprised the lengths they go to compare the relationship between both Cancer and Scorpions! Ultimately both would have to work hard at the relationship for it to blossom!
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I'm a Scorpio woman and I am in love with a Cancer man. He is so giving and passionate. He likes it when I am a little jealous. He reassures me all the time and we've had a great relationship so far.
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Any two water signs are compatible to a certain extent. Scorpio may overpower or scare a Cancer away with their intensity. A Cancer may annoy a Scorpio with their "I'm-a-loser" attitude.
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Aside from the other earth signs, Capricorn is your best match. However, you should know the person's moon sign (emotion) and mercury sign (communication) to further base your relationship.

Scorpios are more optimistic than Capricorns, but they know boundaries so they can be serious if Capricorns ask. Scorpios are also the only sexual zodiac that can actually make Capricorn feel comfortable enough to talk about their love emotions.

A Capricorn will also feel strange that a Scorpio is attracted to them because they are generally loners, and most the world sees them as boring and restrictive. However, Scorpios like Capricorn, and they will listen to them. Scorpios will also benefit from Capricorns because they will eventually subject to be their love slave.
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If you like each other don't bother with the star signs, because every single person is different from each other. Does he make you laugh and happy? That should be the most important thing.
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They are very compatible because they're both water signs! They're perfect for each other.
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Cancerians are home bodies, family guys. They are also comparatively stylish and classy when held up against other star signs.

Scorpio women are generally bitey, snippish and slightly poisonous when threatened. Seriously. It's like people give them incorrect perceptions on their star signs when they're young and they try as hard as they can to fill those ghastly shoes.

I'd say no. Scorpio women are too loud and brash for the soft spoken Cancerian.

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