Do Scorpio Females Get Along With Leo Males?


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Maud La Roux answered
Yes, a Scorpio female and a Leo male can get along just fine! But be wary of the difficulties you may encounter in any sort of romantic involvement or friendship.

The blend of the elements water and fire can either extinguish the flame between the two of you, or perfectly complement each other. Either way this relationship will need a lot of hard work and commitment!

Leo and Scorpio
  • The Scorpio woman and the Leo man both like to be the dominant figure in any relationship and - together with their stubbornness - this could prove an impassable obstacle!
  • The Scorpio woman will be naturally drawn to the good-willed, humorous and confident nature of the Leo man. However, so will a lot of other people! Leos typically enjoy a large social circle and this may upset the possessive and jealous Scorpio woman.
  • The Leo man loves the subtle, charming and caring nature of the Scorpio woman. Sometimes her introverted nature is the perfect foil for his outlandish personality, but also he can find it frustrating that she is not as open or expressive about her feelings as he is.
A Scorpio female and Leo male do have the potential to get along very well, but both will have to be more adaptable and less stubborn than they are used to being, in order for this match to work.
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Scorpio women might like a Leo guy based upon his public personality, his large male ego, and his confident and powerful style. Once they get to know Leo, they might find the Lion a bragger and not able to live up to his own press.

Scorpio, constantly assessing things, could find Leo to be a bit insincere, and not exactly the most genuine kind of guy. A Scorpio woman would want to test a Leo man's real intentions. He would be a great date, a great boy friend, but maybe not the best keeper, unless you get to know the real guy.

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