What Does It Mean If You Dream About Tornadoes?


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People who believe in dream interpretation will often argue that tornadoes in dreams are symbols of turmoil and chaos.

For some, a tornado may indicate emotional conflict. You may be in a situation where you are not sure what to do, but you have very strong feelings about the matter. It can also indicate that you are angry about something.

The very nature of the tornado is air spinning around; interestingly, dreams of air are often thought to symbolise thought, so the dream could indicate that your thoughts are running wild.

Tornadoes are also very violent and destructive, so inspect your current situation for anything that you might be anxious about.

It's also worth considering the following points when analyzing your tornado dreams:
  • To some, the destructive energy of the tornado is a symbol that destruction or ruin is up coming in your life. Due to their destructive energy, tornadoes can also indicate fear. Your mind may be telling you that your fear is causing you to lose something important to you.
  • Tornadoes also represent change. When tornadoes pass through, many people's lives are changed. The tornado in your dream may be telling you that a life-altering change is on its way and you should be prepared for it.
  • The turmoil of the tornado may not be about you, though. It could be about someone in your life, particularly a teenager. Tornadoes may represent a teenager, as they tend to affect all those around them. You may see a teenager in your life as out of control.
  • Tornadoes may represent people in your life that are whirlwinds of emotion or violence, such as substance abusers or other volatile people. People around these 'tornadoes' tend to do anything they can to keep the peace.
  • Just remember that the dream of the tornado comes from your own self-conscious and thus is colored by your own perception of your situation!
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for myself whenever I get too much on my plate or i'm under a lot of stress or iam very concerned about people and things that I seem helpless to be able to fix the problem I often dream of thousands of tornados big ones and small ones in the sky and in the dream i'm usually trying to save or keep safe people that I love or concerned with. when I wake up I realize thease dreams are a warning that i'm allowing the stress to tax my mind and body and to give those things that I worry about to God who bares all our burdens, because we cant always change people and circumstances, when I do this the dreams stop and I sense a peace that passes understanding.....genieve
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When I dream of tornadoes I normally wake up in a cold sweat, and find it hard to go back to sleep - NIGHTMARE!

They don't happen often, but when I do dream of them, I can remember each one..I'm usually in a very crowded public place (grocery store), and all of a sudden the sky changes colors. Sometimes it's deep blue, light purple, or even black.

For some reason in a split second, when I stop looking at the color of the sky, the store is empty and I am left alone to fend for myself. By the time I get outside, the tornado is close and I have no time to hide. I normally grab the first pillar I see and grab tight. Sometimes I am still left holding the pillar once the tornado passed but sometimes I get sucked up and I ALWAYS wind up opening up my eyes and all I see is darkness and debris....I hate having this dream and am relieved to see that others share this dream because I swore it was only me.....
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I have dreams of tornados a lot too. For the past year and a half they have occurred frequently.

In some of the dreams I'll be in a random place outside that is unfamiliar to me and I see a tornado coming,  it gets closer and closer but I just can't escape it. I literally get sucked in the tornado and I am very scared ,  as I'm being sucked in I think to myself, "I'm dying,  I'm going to die, my life is over"  As I am in the tornado I'm totally scared but at the same time I feel a feeling of serenity. Moments pass and I'm back on the ground with the tornado gone. 

Other times I will dream of a tornado coming,  I see it but then before it comes it goes away.

Once I dreamed I was in a pasture with my dad and brother,  the grass was green, it was sunny out,  we were walking through a large green grass field but black greyish tornadoes, maybe 5 or 6 were everywhere surrounding the field about a few hundred feet in front of us twirling around, but none of us were scared and continued walking.
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There other night, for the first time, I dreamed of tornadoes. There were five or six on the ground at one time but one seemed to be chasing me, I tried to keep my eyes on it so I could run in the opposite direction, it was sucking everything up around it causing complete devastation.

When I finally awoke from my dream, I sat on the edge of the bed for a while trying to make sense of the dream it was like no other I have ever had.  And today for some reason I typed in this topic and it brought me to this site.

I see in some of the other comments that it may deal with finances or due rent issues, and both of those I am dealing with at this time due to my love of the casinos and those slot machines. It has taken more money than I would like to say...
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I keep having the same dream. It's a big black tornado and it's always heading towards my 2 horses and I have to get to them to bring them home. The black tornado is moving in different directions and I am panicking and trying to save the horses and don't want to put them in the stable but have nowhere safe for them to go....I am afraid and scared, the tornado is angry and there is sometimes lightening...

In my life at the moment, I am out of work, facing repossession and in a financial mess. I think this could be relevant to what's happening in my life at the moment, after reading other explanations.
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I have recurring dreams of tornadoes and I never seem to get hurt, but I am a college student living with my mom and my mom is never around in the dream. It's weird because I'm always with her and she wasn't in the dream.

For some odd reason in the dreams there is always some mythical creature. The last dream had a dragon-like demon and in this one there was a hunchback looking creature....and they seem to appear from the tornado itself.
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Tornadoes are the Power of GOD entering your life, shaking things up, so when you put everything back together, it will be better, stronger and freer...less restrictive.  The POWER OF GOD can be a terrifying thing, like seeing a Tidal Wave.  But, after the storm comes the Rainbow of Love and Light....Blessings..!

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I was in a store with my husband and we were in our hometown where we never have tornados, and I wasn't feeling well, so I decided to sit down inside the store.  I looked outside and the tornado was upon us and I called for my husband to come and gather us up and we needed to leave.  I wanted to know where my daughter was within the store and when I tried to get up I hadn't the strength to move. I felt a seizure coming on and when I looked outside I saw the tornado again and that a man was hurt and no one would help him, I was angry that I couldn't help him, and everyone was just standing there letting him die.  I couldn't move.

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