What does it mean when you dream your chasing someone you have feelings for but then stop running?


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Ronald McDonald answered
It could mean that you will be chasing after him for life and then stop after you realize it's helpless. Just an extra tidbit from psychology: If you have someone who constantly reappears in your dreams you either want to apologize to them for something or you have strong feelings of "love" for them
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It might mean your chasing someone your attracted to but soon enough you would not be attracted to him and move on..
It means that you are bewildered quite after having an inspiration from "that" some1...
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Unamatrix Zero answered
It means you are going to break off the pursuit of someone you have feelings for
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Carla Taylor answered
I think that it probably means that you have been chasing this person for so long that you have finally realised you need to move on. Having dreams like this means that you must dwell on these things before going to sleep so try not to think about it or use this technique: Just before you go to sleep, put all your worries into a pretend box, then lock thhe box and don't open it till morning! I have tried it and it works really well for me! But, anyway, I think that you should try and let go of this person you fancy and move on. I wish you luck! ;) Hope you found this useful!! ;)
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Sammie Cruz answered
It means that you just found out that you're pregnant, and that if you keep running you'll lose your baby. Solved it.

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