I Had A Dream Where I Was Falling From The Sky, And I Woke Up Right Before I Hit The Ground. It Seemed So Real - What Does It Mean?


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Dreams about falling are relatively common, so you're not alone.

There's a myth that you'll die if you don't wake up before hitting the ground, but it's not true!

We usually wake up before we hit the ground due to what's called a hypnic jerk (one of those twitches that make you jump when you're trying to sleep).

Did you have any coffee before going to bed? Caffeine, stress and exercise are the most common causes for hypnic jerks.

What Else Could A Dream About Falling Mean?

These dreams are usually thought to indicate anxieties or troubles. Has anything been worrying you recently? A dream about falling can also be interpreted as a symbol that you're feeling helpless, or that something in your life is out of your control.

Thinking about the details of the fall (where you fell from and if you were pushed, for example) might help you to figure out what's causing you to be anxious. Once you've found out what the problem is, try to address it - this should stop the dream occurring again!
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SOUL is the sun that never sets.  We ARE SOUL, we don't "have" a Soul.  When the body nods off to sleep, as SOUL, we leave the body an venture into other worlds for various episodes and adventures, which we remember as dreams.  Falling from the sky, is SOUL returning from the other worlds and reentering the body..."falling back to the body".  Flying in dreams is symbolic of SOUL Travelling into the other worlds, then it has to come back, so it "falls" back to the body.  It's a great dream when one can remember these experiences.

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Yup the dreams of falling from the sky WERE COMFORTING, I could pick were I wanted to land and I KNEW it was going to be a soft landing, I chose nice blue clear water, BTW, I could completely control were I was going to land.

I had this dream about three times last night, always up in the sky and falling down to earth, a bit of fear at first and then landing in a pool. By the way, I am an incarnated angel so that does explain ALOT, which is a human with angelic in roots and origin are from a human body living this crazy confusing painful human life.

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Sometimes that can be a sign of death - to you, or a loved one, or someone close to you.
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So if your having a dream of falling from the sky that means your going to die? Why would it hav to mean that? And what does it mean if you had a bad dream of your self dieing and or getting into bad car crash? And what does it mean if u dream about a graveyard? Cuz ive been having weird dreams like dat that dont mean im going to die does it?
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i've had dreams like that i'm 14 and i don't see myself dead
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It's just SOUL returning to the body.

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