What's Does A Dream About A Werewolf Mean?


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It's hard to say exactly what this dream could mean without knowing more about it. The interpretation of werewolf dreams depends on who the werewolf is and whether or not they're violent.

What Does It Mean If I Dream I'm A Werewolf?

If you dreamed that you were a werewolf, this could suggest that some aspects of your personality are causing you difficulties or are troubling you. For example, if you're the kind of person who gets angry very easily, the volatile nature of the werewolf could be symbolic of the problems your anger causes you.

Dreaming that you're a werewolf could also mean that there's something about your personality that you don't like and aren't comfortable with. This could be related to anything from anxiety to sexuality, so you might want to think about whether there's anything particular that worries you about yourself. If you dream that you're a non-violent werewolf, you could be feeling insecure or alienated.

What If I See A Werewolf In My Dream?

Werewolves in dreams are usually considered to be symbolic of fear, rage, and repressed emotion. If you see one when you're dreaming, it could mean that you're afraid that something or someone in your life is not how they appear to be, which would be represented by the transformation from normal human to dangerous wolf.

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It means your becomin one possibly. One day I woke up after having a dream chasing after animals and people and there was someone who I really did not know chasing with me. When I woke up I looked in the mirror and realized I had a scratch on my neck. So now... I'm a werewolf... And it sucks wakin up from those stupid dreams.
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I have a question,do you get angry or feel threatend when someone stares into your eyes?
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I've dreamt that I'm a werewolf quite a few times before, but I do know what some of it means.
It could mean that theres a side of you, you like to keep secret, or that you have a dark past or secret.
I could also mean that something is happening to you, but don't ask me what... I'm only 13 :D
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I had a dream about me turning onto a werewolf then howling  at the moon and run around in the woods. Then I wake up and flet the same is my dream.
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I had this dream where my whole class for grade 5 and 6 now 6 and 7 were at this house i9n the middle of the woods on a field trip.   My bff who is also a werewolf and I were exploring the woods like the rest of the class and these bunch of guys were there me and my friend hid in a tree till they were gone then they caught our scent and went in the house where we were so we went on the balcony they noticed so me and my friend changed into our wolf forms and ran. (my wolf form is a pitch black wolf with blood red markings my friend is a brown wolf with blue marks on it) but when I woke up. I was in the back yard wearing a ripped dress(same one as the day before) and my granma had wolf like scratches on her hands. What happened? My friend had the same thing happen to her that same night! The same friend who was in the dream! She said I was in it too! We compared dreams they are identical! What happened? And why?
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I Had a dream I was a Werewolf and I was running up a hill howling :) but I was sleeping out side and I was up a hill and I think this wasn't a Dream I'm a 15 yrs old and I'm a girl :) I'm a Werewolf Awesome it came True
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Probably means you are one either that or you just really like them
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I need more information, where is it? Is it you? What does it do? Run, talk, hunt? What colours are in the dream? Is it just flashes or does it run out like a movie? I've had enough of those dreams to tell you what it's about.
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I need someone to give me more info about having a dream about werewolves. For some reason I keep having dreams that I change into a werewolf. Also all my friends and family turn on me and try to kill me because I changed into a werewolf. I seriously don't know what this means plz someone tell me what it means.

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I had a dream that me and my boyfriend were werewolves, but could not be in a relationship together.  It was like we wanted to be together and loved each other, but we couldnt!
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I dreamed my wife and my daughter and I were being chased by were-wolves at my place of work and I was looking for my gun so we locked ourselves in my office because we would have more of a chance to escape them. What could this mean

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