How To Tell If You Are A Were-cat?


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I'm wondering the same thing (Sorry for late comment)
here's what I have:
-I have lots of scratches (mainly on my hands, occasionaly on my face) & for a while I just thought it was my cats doing it but I'm not sure (I love cats!)
-I predict things (have this feeling when somethings going to happen)
-my hearing and sense of smell have improved
-I've gotten quicker reflexes and I'm much faster at running
-I jump at loud random noises
-I've been having wierd dreams lately. But I'm not able to remember much of them.
-I think I can see spirits (I see random orbs etc)
- I can sense/smell/hear things nobody else can.

Any help? =D I just reckon I'm paranoid but I've checked lots of websites out about this. :/ help! (P.S my eyes are brown- they change shades. I also love animals. If that helps)

help : X
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I am a werecat and have known for several months. Now I may act like a human but when I mentally shift I act like a feline. Full moons for me are the worst. I am in physical pain for wanting to be mated by my mate. He knows about me and my inner feline and how he is my mate but we are not together. You can actually physically shift but that is higher level.
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How to tell if your a were cat...well there are many ways, usually after new moon you wake up with scars or cuts. I am a were-panther. I have woken up outside near a tree with a dead rabbit,and my hand and face were covered in its blood. I also can tell I'm a were-panther because I am put in a trance by catnip. I do wear collars as human I also have a leash. I love to climb trees. I found out what I was 2 yrs ago.  
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I noticed I was a werecat 2 months ago.Some of the symptoms are having dreams about catching mice and unusal dreams.I am a Vampire were-cat,kinda of a wolf too,and I'm proud.I just love catnip.^__^
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I eat catnip. It's a strange taste its OK. Sometimes I see flashes outta the corner of my eyes and like think that it was a cat , but when I look there's nothing there. This happened once or twice and I think it may be the spirit of one of our dad cat (Newmin) He was OK... He was sick and we had to put him down. But anyway once I had a dream were we weren't cats. Well I can't remember we might have been... Idk anyway and well we fought kinda like the great battle in warrior cat. Well there was weapons and stuff... And my friend was there she was like evil and idk wat else she like became good? Idk but I think was holding that famous internet cat with those giant eyes or something like that...

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Are you serious? I honestly hope that you do not believe in werecats or werewolves. Unless you are playing World of Warcraft, a character in a folklore story or in a movie I think you are safe.

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